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Marriage & Freedom
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 October 29, 2017
I heard from someone who was married for a few decades that to make it a good marriage you need the following: 1- a bad memory; 2- be hard of hearing; 3- always say ‘you’re right’, and take it one foot in front of the other! Sounds like a formula many should learn. Marriage started way back when, primarily for the woman, so I’ve read. It was suppose to have been a means of the man to protect the woman, and if the woman is strong enough, it’s a good way to straighten out the ‘troublesome’ gene in the male.

Marriage either brings freedom or it’s all over. It’s a mindset and a choice. No woman in her right man would marry the wrong man, but many do. Fact is they could also be the wrong woman, and why would any man marry the wrong woman. Reality tends to favor the woman marrying the wrong man. Love can be a drug that take a while to wear off, and wake people up, that except for practical purposes, the betrothal will continue to be over. What’s left is an opportunity to be friends (sorta) and/ or follow the three steps mentioned above. A marital prison? 

Truth be told, many marriages consist of not even particularly liking who drugged you, or maybe you’re  disingenuously looking for love in all the wrong places, i.e., in other bodies. Truth is, deep love ability is in both of you just not nurtured from shortly after the beginning when it was beautiful and real. What’s not real, but an illusion, is love mixed with every other emotions some being ‘nasty’. Love is rarely given free by some god in the sky, or by the magical union of two people called falling in love. Deal is, ‘falling’ is the problem, ‘rising in love’ works best, and creates a freedom within like you’ve never had.

Marriage, formal or a private, creative agreement is best with two people in the highest consciousness with both people enjoying being an individual, and yet paradoxically becoming ‘one’. Scary, thinking you will lose yourself! Actually, if done with an ultimate flow of love, you become free of one another, yet interestingly connected as one. It’s like one becoming the conscience of the other. Two minds merged, yet separate create a third. That’s why it’s called an ‘us’. Why have a wrecking ball marriage, or be a ‘wrecking ball within’? Real love always encourages freedoms within and without. Deep love is forever wherever, and whatever you do!

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