Eternity Questions

Eternity Questions
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 October 31, 2017
Out of the blue, it came to me yesterday – ‘are their toilets in Heaven’? I love Christians, especially those who are very sincere and don’t proselytize. However, just the other day, ‘from out of the blue’, I asked a Christian, since you will be in Heaven for eternity, what are your goals when there? Just imagine the look I got of not being able to answer! I asked a few more goodies, like are you going to be someone else? Another gender? Always ‘Italian’ or whatever label you have now? Does any Christian from here know they are still a Christian. Eternity is certainly beyond a long time!

Are there Churches? Is all the food organic? Is everyone so good there that none get kicked out? The list of questions is infinite…like eternity, I would presume. I seriously doubt that most have asked questions like this, and yet it only makes sense to question everything, and somethings from the heart, less so. Most people don’t really know themselves beyond their unresolved issues, and what others might perceive them as.
Now, rather than be too harsh on the innocent believers, clearly if you are just ‘winging’ it through life, and not climbing Jacob’s ladder step by step into a more  and more conscious you, cherry picking the religion of choice is highly preferred before leaving this dimension for another…whatever that looks like. Take ‘believers’ out of their comfort zone of quoting scriptures, they rarely ask the questions before their entry into ‘eternity’. Is Mohammad or Jesus going to be there among the billions so you can give them a hug or thank you? These are valid questions!

Religions are a safety net at this time sorely needed as billions are suffering with unresolved issues, looking for love in all the wrong places, and frankly lost in the soup of these crazy times. It’s really a question to get the most help to seek the best out of each religion, then slowly consider meditations to reboot scriptures into wordless ones within the heart. Question is, will all issues and doubts disappear when slipping into the next dimension, or will most come back again and again to resolve those issues, and the new ones that come down the conveyor belt of experiences and challenges?

Make intelligent questions always be a primary goal, especially of those who claim to know the answers. Are those people selling answers to make a living, and are they the highest answers for you. Without a deep love within, the best answers to life will be unreachable until you open you heart, and use the wisdom of best choices and honest decisions about every situation and challenge that comes your way. Don’t forget to use your own ‘can’ opener of your heart that is your ‘breath’ used in meditation! Being free and always feeling love is a choice! Maybe heaven can wait for you to hurry up and get it right? 

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