Condos on Moon

Condos on Moon

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 October 11, 2017
Asking many questions that are not being answered is a predicament certainly, and especially if you lose sight of seeking the answers. The answers are rarely not there, instead waiting like mountains hidden behind the fog of your ignorance, fear, or acedia (apathy).  Mud brains will easily accept the ‘official’ versions because they become too busy with their ‘selfies’ and other nonsense to dig deeper. Instead you unknowingly become part of Hitler’s ‘spirit’ silent majority that once allowed him free reign to be a major player in killing tens of millions. 

The average human may be a nice person, but also a bit of a ‘numbskull’. This is particularly often the case if they are educated in the ‘robot factories’ supported by football and student loans that are making the younger out to be prisoners of the Sr. Citizen elite who raise the price of living accommodations to unreachable heights. The average gullible American would lay out cash for a condo on the moon if it were said they were available by someone seeming official.
Belief is important sometimes when it is difficult to know, but when knowing is available for you but for your digging deeper by being open with credible searching questions, there is a problem. The problem exposes itself in a number of ways that equate to being poorly informed or misinformed,  and the consequences of that both personally, for those in your close circle, and the collective population are debilitating for all personal and society growth. In a sense, it can be a form of reckless endangerment. An extreme example would be to walk into the woods with little experience or knowledge of what dangers could lie ahead such as ‘unfriendly’ animals that are looking for lunch.

There is a popular expression of calling someone who lives without common sense a ‘space cadet’. They are prime prospects for sale of that ‘condo on the moon’! Life spent hours watching a screen mixed with reality and fake is a form of self immolation of your responsibility to experience life with awareness, thinking, questioning, loving and finding solutions within an evolving, developing of your own inner guide. No animal exists that forgets the survival instinct, instead gazing at the yonder with no care in the world as if life protects itself. You are an offspring of Mr. and Mrs. God infinite generations ago to set you free to deal with the many challenges of life. Like no other living creature, you have been given all the ingredients as well as ‘helping tools of the NOW’ to deal as well as is available with an ‘answers filled life’ like none of your ancestors had. Survival methods today may be more complicated with dramas and challenges, but focusing on being a superconscious new creation is more available than at any time on the planet. You are the moon, sun, and stars blessing! Be high on you, no need to live in a fantasy world!

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