Trailer Trash Meditation

Trader Trash Meditation
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 September 29, 2017
Rich, poor, high and mighty, or just wanderers through ‘making the best of life’ in wonderment of why we are here. There must be a purpose, or is each free to find their own purpose? Some have a good running start in life in one way or another, but most look for that ‘olive branch’. One way or other, it’s upon each to make the choice to make the best of their outer and inner self. 

The term ‘trailer trash’ is a pejorative perception or typecasting of another who may exhibit slovenly, anti social habits, or a life style that becomes for them a ‘white elephant’ in their way to becoming what they feel is their real self hidden and shunned from themselves and others. Going through life, especially in this advancing world, as an anti social person with nose rings, full sleeve tattoos, piss poor manners, and a lousy self image fortunately comes with a way out! 

‘Trailer trash’ is a mindset likely coupled with habits that could be upgraded. It’s really not about living in a trailer or  shack, it’s about living with an invisible ‘white elephant’ inside you that just may show up on the outside. Some of the possible characteristics might be:
Experiencing irrational fears or incessant worries, or sabotaging your big dreams or undermining your dearest desires.
Battling reoccurring issues in relationships, career, health or financial matters as well as feeling like you are not yourself but not knowing why. Perhaps you get inspired, but lack the motivation to follow through.
Maybe you believe that your greatest potential is out of reach. Trailer trash mentality is living on the bottom, but it has the greatest potential to move up, at least within! Worrying about what other people think especially about you, and
beating yourself up with criticism, that you can’t seem to stop. Playing small or hiding your gifts despite the compelling drive to live your life to the fullest.

A significant portion of people who act ‘trailer trash’ avoid even knowing what meditation is or how it can change their attitude toward their life experience. To medicate yourself with some form of substance abuse is to avoid ‘meditation’ which is really an opportunity to find a way to love yourself by meditating and not medicating. Medicating can also be any form of avoiding your best choices in life instead of following ‘your choices’ and not someone else’s. Time to ‘touch the inner clouds’ and move them away for more star or sunshine for the rest of your life journey. Make a decision to  dedicate yourself to meditation to help you make peace with the past so it won’t disturb your future and the moment now. 

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