Good God!#@%#!!

Good God!#@%#!!

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September 21, 2017
As the famous singer Michael Jackson would say, ‘that’s bad’! Words are like fingers pointing to the moon, they are not the moon, or the reflection at night of the moon in the pond – it’s not the real moon. It’s been said a picture is worth a thousand words or the written word is more powerful than the spoken word. Well, it’s all relative! ‘I love you’ with out deep emotion is just a flat lip service that will usually be forgotten in a moment. Now there seems to be a lot of gibberish about this ‘God’ from father in the sky, to the Almighy One, to trying to decide if the ‘dude’ is even a ‘dude’.

God is good. Good is all seeing god with two ‘o’s’ as eyes to better see and remind us to be…well, good as it’s the godly thing to do. Good is pretty visible versus ‘bad’ or wrong to create potential suffering. God on the other hand is an invisible force with the word ‘God’ attached to it to emphasize the direction of life that works best for the ‘good’. God gives ‘good’ authority … sadly, the word ‘god’ is often abused by too much proselytizing and forgetfulness that, ‘the god in the sky’ is an irrelevant usage for kids to better comprehend. 
Goodness is godly and being in harmonious positioning with all that might occur, hence  the term ‘the Almighty all’. Now you might say that none of this makes sense in other languages but in English. Likely true, but we are here and the point is that the truth is beyond words. Each persons meaning that they understand, as well as the listeners perception may be entirely different than the speaker means. Words are ‘facilitators’ in communication even though they often end up in miscommunication or misinterpretation. 

Words and their interpretation often get in the way of what’s real and truth. Who you think you are is rarely not just a perception that you have serially fueled since your memory clicked in. Without deep love of self, humans are teflon sensitive, and will change who they think they are according to others opinions good or bad. Growing numbers like to see themselves while on drugs because they cover up the false truth which goes deeper and deeper into the subconscious with anything that brings denial even if it’s a brief ‘high’. Time to get out of your way and clear the attachment to what is ‘nonsense’ to cloud the real beauty in you where the sky is blue and the feeling is warm! Time to not keep going down the same road again and again when heaven’s road is within.

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