Never Mind – God?

Never Mind – God?

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September 10, 2017
Time flies and suddenly the lights are out for you, no matter your age or beliefs. Never mind that a different you may come back? Never mind that someone you love will never be found again! Just maybe beyond what you’re busy doing, or feeling sorry about things –  just never mind, the fat lady is finishing her song, and no applause, just the lights cut into darkness. With or without you, life goes on as if you were but an illusion, but never mind. Most everyone gives themselves away to things that matter less than ‘knowing yourself and the love within’.

Never mind! Mind over matter? You don’t mind, maybe it don’t matter. Never mind about whether there is a god or not, or a Jesus, Noah’s Ark, or even Moses and the 10 Commandments. Never mind, you have other things to do, you don’t have to pay attention to what you should be looking for. Never mind that those who you’d like to see, you have no time. Never mind that this is the first time in history that all the tools for making you the best representative of a human you could possibly be. Never mind, you don’t have the time or interest. 

There is no god. Never mind that you’re sure! There is a god. Never mind that you just make it a word without knowing that it’s just a word to identify what no one can put into words. Both viewpoints are missing the mark. Anthropomorphizing god into an icon that you worship  is to live in illusion. Few don’t live in illusion by their behavior and it’s addictions. Make a decision to stop and see two paths. One is meditation to open the heart and disengage you from all controls of the mind from the past that darken yourself and the world you see. Few have the discipline to do yoga and/or meditation to save them from the outer self that is chased by the negatives of the past. The second path is the safety net of ‘religion’ to save yourself from accumulated negatives. As time goes on, do both to be free of everything but your higher self of love.

The key to your faith in ‘god’ is to see that life is merciful and compassionate as well as equitable IF you’re paying attention to coming from your heart and being aware with discernment for the best choices. Be in harmonious positioning with whatever lies in front of you, ahead, and behind. Let love be your rock from which you draw your strength. Loving life will wipe away your tears when you can’t help your tears from flowing. Love will comfort you and assure you that it’s there for you. turn your problems into solutions, let the energy from your heart help you.Truth is stranger than fiction or illusion. Truth sets you free! Time to stop, ‘never minding’!

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