Meditation Dimmer Switch

Meditation Dimmer Switch
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September 7, 2017
You have two options in life …. 1st – Accept, 2nd – Change. 
Try to Accept what you can’t Change….And 
Try to Change what you can’t Accept.

It’s much easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled — such is the nature of confirmation bias and other psychological tools of manipulation. Breaking free of the ancient, historical ‘constant’ of mind control is an ongoing process of waking up out of a state of denial. Spiritual emergence and awakening involves a physiological break from the consensus social agreements of our planetary cultures.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Your life is like a bubble, here at the moment it can go ‘pop’!  Be the answer you want to see! Desert who you think you are! There is one mind, one soul. Be you, but know that that ‘individualization’ is only  real on a pragmatic level, and not the real you. You are equal to the most superconscious person that has been on earth be it Buddha or Jesus or… How would they be today as living, hidden beings, as surely they would be for practical, common sense reasons? 

In the Christian religion, the call is to be ‘saved’, and saved by Jesus. My interpretation is, it is to be ‘saved’ from yourself that is devoid of the holy spirit of love for yourself and of  course then the ability to love others to one degree or another. To move closer to seeing your inner self, accept who you think you are and daily pursue the changes necessary to not be plagued by the endless repetitive circle of negative experiences. Jesus, myth on not, is an example of someone in the light that shines within, as well as those who don’t have blinders on from the light.

Like a vehicle on a dark road, visibility is limited without clicking on the dimmer switch to be able to see. In many homes, light is controlled by a dimmer switch to see better, or find no need. The technique of the ‘dimmer switch’ is to use it to see who you really are, and to see truths in the environment in which you live. To a point the mind has a dimmer switch which you can choose to see things more clearly. Breathing techniques will open the luminosity much brighter to see and feel from the heart. 

Meditation is a dimmer switch to turn up the bliss within. Often people have a deep sense of fear because of their past to see the light within. People become friends with their main enemy, and that enemy is within. Sadly, he who fears the light when the dark within is the cause of not seeing the problems that befall all with a hidden solution, is destined to suffer needlessly. Be the light unto yourself! One does not have to love breathing, nor do you have to love your inner self! Why?  Light comes naturally with the best inner dimmer switch! Uncover what hides it!
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