Positive Thinking Sucks

Positive Thinking SUCKS
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August 28, 2017
WHAT!!!? The mind is limited, and without the open connection between the heart and mind, options are frequently limited. But, there’s more too? For example, if you want to be a professional football player with out experience, that equates with at least minimum standards of ‘professional playing’, no amount of positive thinking coupled with heart is going to work. Positive thinking is good as far as it goes, but it’s best accompanied by experience, common sense, timing, intuition, sensitivity and more. The less involved that are these characteristics, the less likely for the desired outcome of positive thinking. 

Back in the mid last century, a popular New York minister by the name of Norman Vincent Peale, came out with a book called the ‘Power of Positive Thinking’. In spite of its Christian agenda, millions found a new, popularized way of looking at things. To many it seemed like the easy answer to how to think. Positive thinking should lead you to the  realization that there are other ‘ingredients’ to make life more workable. 

Once Gautam Buddha was asked, ”Why don’t you teach your people to pray?” It was an obvious question – a religion without prayer is simply inconceivable to many people. And the answer Buddha gave is as fresh today as it was twenty-five centuries before, as new and as revolutionary. He said, “I don’t teach my people to pray because their prayers will harm them. Right now they are not conscious enough to ask for anything, and whatsoever they ask for will be wrong. First, let them become conscious enough. I teach them how to become more conscious and then it is up to them.’’

“When they are fully conscious, if they want to pray, they are free. They are not my slaves. But I can say one thing: that anybody who is fully conscious has nothing to ask for. He has got everything that one can ever ask for.” Be aware at all times and make the best of choices.

Positive thinking is the only bullshit philosophy that America has contributed to human thought – nothing else. Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and the Christian minister, Norman Vincent Peale – they all have filled the whole American mind with this absolutely absurd idea of a positive philosophy. Secrets to life are buried deep within, and not floating in the surface for a phony simple solution. Life has infinite situations that are out of reach for positive interaction. Sometime the best behavior is just silence, breathing deep and connecting to the heart without any thinking. Close your eyes and seek emptiness. All the ‘sages’ of history are within you including the universal god love. Positive thinking is but one of many tools to move through life.

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