Feckless Acedia Brains

Feckless Acedia Brains
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September 22, 2017
Not only are the ‘feckless’ ineffective, but they’re stuck in the soup of quicksand known as the ‘Eigth Deadliest Sin’ called ‘Acedia’. The two descriptive words are of those who are continuing to tread water in place, but they have become part of the preemptive scourge of the future….which coincidentally is ‘NOW’! For the last three years at my free speech display, I have one sign dedicated to ‘Acedia.’ Thousands have read about ‘acedia’, only two females out of thousands had ever heard of it. Story is that monks created the ‘seven deadly sins’, but left out the one that they were most guilty of.

Those most guilty of ignoring it were the feckless monks who removed themselves from the world of helping to raise consciousness while they prayed and meditated. They were deep into apathy about doing anything to uplift consciousness called in ‘acedia’. In a sense it was the avoidance of being spiritual in action, or doing good deeds that amounted to a greater benevolent awareness. Hiding behind your mother’s skirt later becomes hiding from the truths of anything including who you really are. In other words, to be ‘feckless’ and lacking courage. 

Feckless people drown themselves behind the shields of acedia. Acedia is the precursor to sloth—one of the seven  deadly sins. In the late fourth century Evagrius of Pontus, characterized it as “the most troublesome of all” of the eight genera of evil thoughts.  Acedia frequently presents  signs somatically. Such bodily symptoms range from mere sleepiness to general sickness or debility, along with a host of more specific symptoms: weakness in the knees, pain in the limbs, and fever.  In other words, just not caring about what happens outside of your little world, even though the world is in absolute disarray needing every souls awareness to open it to a more conscious, evolved planet.

If there were a heaven and a god, and I’m not saying there is or isn’t in some form, these ungrateful sheeple would be among the first to fill the overcrowded walls of hell instead. The way out of the doldrums of acedia is to accept that you have allowed the trap, then do what’s necessary to begin ‘lasting action’, with discernment of all, as the best of ways. As long as you borrow the ‘breaths of life’, there is always something you can do to make life better for all. Denial is a choice of options, and one of the lower ones! Everyone comes in love, it’s time to promise yourself to leave in love, and just in case that leaving time may come at any moment, make love of all life streaming with no breaks!

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