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August 25, 2017
Getting in the groove with good habits is godly. Getting in the groove with bad habits is ‘anti-godly’. Grooves can be good it they’re positive ones that support personal and socially healthy behaviors! From annoying habits to others, to ones like squirting lighter fluid on embers, bad habits (or good ones) can determine your path in life, and the kind of relationships you encounter. We are creatures of habits as are all creatures, but we as humans have unique abilities to design our outer selves from personalities to all behaviors. 

No creature has more habits than humans, with each human very unique. There is a path to being more conscious/spiritual, and that path is a process of clearing attached-to negative memories and habits that defy common sense.  When bad habits are identified by yourself (rare), or someone more conscious, and you have cleared the rid raf from the attachment that creates your negative behavior, authentic living begins. Step out of the luggage you’ve acquired. As people age, and have paid little attention, the luggage accumulates, and even your ‘aura’ reeks with it. 

Talking too much, especially without letting the other get a word in edge wise is a very bad habit. I know one woman of a certain ‘hand gesture ethnicity’ that uses more hand pantomimes in a few minutes, while talking too much, than most do all day. With only limited contact, it can be overlooked, but once past that, spending time can be very annoying to  many. It’s like the bad habit of smoking or drinking too much, as well as infinite other things that are bad habits needing to be looked at, and for a decision made to keep, or let go of. Why be unaware, and an annoyance to many especially when reactions boomerang back? 

Bad habits are egregious to others of sensitivity. Other bad habit irritants could be lying or deception which happens all the time from our mainstream news, politicians, teachers, professors, advertisers, food product manufactures – well from anywhere. Telling the truth is revolutionary! 

Today two different people gave me a new health bar. Now most food stuffs involve lying to sell the product. One of the lies sold involves ‘fake sugar (which is processed and not healthy)’.  You may not have paid attention, but 4 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon. The bar I was given was called ‘Nature Valley’ crunchy granola bar with 16 grams of whole grain ‘oats and honey’. Now, it consists of 2 small bars that are called ‘2 servings’. The ingredients are listed with 11 grams of sugar, but there are 2 servings, so that’s 22 grams, OR, about 6 teaspoons of sugar!!!! And, the packaging sells it as a ‘heath bar’. Don’t let facts scare you into making excuses to defend your bad habits! Don’t avoid contrary information – it’s a bad habit!

This is a world of the illusion of mind vs money! It’s mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it don’t matter! Key is you need both, ‘but in common sense amounts, however keep in mind common sense is not very common these days! Examining the self and making credible, positive changes is clearing the path to a more blissful, conscious life.

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