Death of Common Sense

Death of Common Sense
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September 15, 2017
Common sense takes too many holidays! Common sense is no longer so common! When it comes to politics, religion, social needs (including computer voice phone calls to ‘organizations’), relationships, and especially laws that don’t serve compassion and well, COMMON SENSE – complications rise more and more. Common sense with empathy and compassion are the cornerstones of enlightened living. Technology is creating a clash with the common sense of how to use it and make life easier rather than more ‘hair pulling’. 

Life is about drama, and how you handle it as ‘karma’ is sneaking around the corner waiting to do it’s job, and then it’s ‘oh, dang, I should have used common sense’. Never too late to make a paradigm shift to replace bad habits with good ones, and not just in your opinion. Ask others with good habits what to focus on. How about a ‘rebirth’ of common sense? Most people have been adequately brain and mind washed to shy away from the truth … and, common use of common sense! 

We are living in the ‘techno-dark ages’ where the multitude are brain washed into thinking technological answers are better than common sense. Only if you use common sense with the infinite technological advances that are not infrequently made to cull your quality living, such as pesticide sprayed food or dangerous cell phone towers that appear like weeds. Who knows what  technological advances will come with dangerous repercussions. Techno-Dark Ages common sense says, ‘buy a ‘radiation  counter’ to make sure you’re safe!

WE need to be ready with our common sense and inner developments for the advancing technological paradigm shift. An example of that shift will include the first implantable mobile phone will become commercially available. The device will potentially be able to track a person’s health more accurately, while also allowing them to communicate thoughts via brainwaves or signal instead of verbally, according to the report. Implantable health devices, like pacemakers and cochlear implants, have already become more mainstream. And it’s likely we’ll see more widespread adoption of implantable technologies emerge.

We may possibly be the last of the current expression of Human Entities before the ” Alterations” take root and like GMO’s and all the rest permanently damage the base upon which Human Life gives its expression here on Earth. Assume and question everything that you knew as right, could have become wrong when you weren’t paying attention. The path to a more conscious/spiritual life has ‘briar bushes’ in the path and common sense tells you how best to deal with obstacles and clear the path. 

Intellect is over rated by the achievement, and business world to select the highest one, while other factors make up something called ‘intelligence’. Common sense, intuition, and heart felt developments often work better, especially in the ‘inner development’ category. Why be a genetically modified humanoid? Get free – let go! Heaven is within you, at least the heaven on earth!

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