Truth’s a Hate Crime

Truth’s a Hate Crime
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 September 9, 2017
Truth is scary and evokes ‘fear’, and frequently anger. Language can be used as a form of mind control. Fortunately for most, the safety mental cocoon is to go into denial whether the truth is really the truth or not. At my free speech display, an old politician-like guy and wife on vacation from Washington DC came by. Between reading what was printed the wife complimented me on promoting and doing free speech especially since it’s currently under attack. Meanwhile, her husband seemed to have a problem with one of my boards entitled ‘Truths to Piss You Off’. There was a list of 12 ‘provokers’ which I perceived as truths that not all people can handle.

One was, 9-11 and who did it. I suggested that individuals from US and Israel had a part in it. He was totally programmed by ‘main stream media’ information. All people who read the various investigations know that main stream media is censored from saying the possibilities. He was convinced it was Muslims, from top to bottom. As he walked off in a ‘pissed off’ huff, his last words were, ‘You’re crazy’! The human race at this point is culturally, genetically, and socially programmed much like an animal is conditioned for each member of a specie to have like patterns unless each opened their animal minds and learned behaviors beyond the norm.

Truth of course is relative when it comes out of the mind and mouth of anyone when it comes to human behavior and conditioning. People wrap themselves in ‘invisible shields’ to protect who they think they are, refuse to see and own  their shortcomings. Billions attach themselves to protecting the words they  have lifted from ancient writings without questioning their applicability to today’s life. No word is ‘truth’. No belief is ‘truth’ especially when in truth they are based on provable myths.

Canada passed a law in June of 2017 making it illegal to use the wrong gender pronouns. Critics say that Canadians who do not subscribe to progressive gender theory could be accused of hate crimes, jailed, fined, and made to take anti-bias training! Muslim ideology considers many thoughts and spoken words suggesting criticism of their holy book punishable by imprisonment or some form of violence. Certain countries with a growing Muslim population are making laws against using words muslims deem offensive.  The examples of free expression as a form of truth are everywhere even recently at Bondi beach in Australia, Muslims requested a BEACH BAN of “BIKINIS” DURING RAMADAN!

Superficial or unquestioned truth is what makes the listener feel comfortable as their ‘comfort zone’ is very limited. Going outside  of the comfort zone of ‘beliefs’, be it political, religion, social, or any number of things for the programmed, judgmental mind is akin igniting forms and degrees of ‘hatred and anger’. Laws are being adopted to control thoughts and words that offend a group as per the request of that group. Without a collective growth of consciousness, society will become like a mind prison for freedom of expression, creating a more robotic, controlled society. The mind and heart that is clear through a life of love and/or meditation spread its joy and blissfulness out to the world.

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