Dirty Words Meditation

Dirty Words Meditation  
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September 6, 2017
One of the major secrets to life is to ‘get out of your head’! If people used their head more for a functioning, practical tool, life would be better ‘en masse’. Make a ‘deal with yourself’ (not the devil), and pay attention to meditation, and it’s many techniques, some of which can be more fun than others. Vipassana, or watching the breath with eyes closed is one of the most ancient meditating techniques from India, that can be combined with other techniques.

The busy mind, with its infinite cascading of new information coming at breakneck speed, keeps today’s brain filled with unnecessary clutter that leaves it with no downtime for clearing. Health begins with opening up the mind and letting go of cultural and/or ignorant programming which serves nothing but the person ‘stuck’ on the bottom of the ladder to the higher self. Meditation is like an electronic pulsing ‘brain wash’ otherwise known as the washing of the mind devise of information that colors ‘healthy thinking’. 

Every language has words that trigger reaction, often of an emotional nature, that not infrequently evokes a negative reaction, or more. In other words, people can control and be controlled by words, and even sounds. Many of those raise censorship, distasteful thoughts, and all sorts of reactions. The real meditator in awareness is both detached when  using them or when others use them. Everywhere people are controlled by adverse judgments of words they have been conditioned to criticize. 
Seems that in recent years, more and more words, or even initials, are added to the growing list of ‘dirty’ words to offend some ethnicity, religion, gender, and on and on. Gets very complicated figuring out the whole thing. Then of course, throw in the poddy mouth who can’t finish a sentence with out regurgitating three or four dirty words in his mental myopic noodle. The spiritual-conscious person is not reactive to words, and has a sense of humor in their repertoire. 

A great mediation to change the ‘poddy mouth’ one as well as opening the judgmental, easily provoked minds who react to dozens of words or combinations there of, is my rendition of a meditation called ‘the dirty mind meditation’. This is most interesting done in a group. If alone … well, if there are listeners they will be entertained! This is a ‘rotating’ meditation between doing ‘gibberish’ (speaking in non sensical word flow) then rotating to only dirty words. Rotate each for a couple minutes or so for up to 3/4 an hour. Do it closing the eyes and relaxed in sitting, standing or lying down. At the end enter into silent watching with eyes closed for a few minutes enjoying slow breathing and watching what comes up in the mind, and it might be released of programming! Try the technique daily for a couple weeks. You will see results relative to ‘dirty words’, and their being less consequential. Love is in the air, catch that instead!

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