Sensitivity Delusion

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August 2, 2017
The secret for the best of everything is ‘sensitivity’. Lack of sensitivity is the destruction or harm to all life. ‘Tune in, turn on, drop out’ is a famous saying by LSD guru Timothy Leary. ‘Tune in’ to all situations which is ‘sensitivity’ , ‘turning on’ is to show it to yourself and others. ‘Dropping out’ is to remove yourself from the masses that are not in tune with many sensitivities to turn on the personal awareness of their need for everything in life. 

Personality disorders are ‘blocks to a spiritual path’ in life. Few care to do much about those ‘blocks’ if truth be told, instead blaming others for poor communication. The average person, be they part of a religion, spiritual, successful, or even just a plain loser of sorts, gives little effort to opening up their inner qualities as they are ‘too busy’. Millions in America are either sociopaths to one degree or other, or even more extreme in lack of feelings for their inner attention,  and of course have no sensitivity for others other than what will bring them a reward (money). A psychopath is like a military sniper playing a video game as they are hired killers to ‘cold kill’. When dealing with money, most anything psychopaths tell you is just ‘shearing the sheep’ … which is you.

In the business that I was in on Wall St. where we had corporate attorney’s,  investment bankers, CPA’s, corporate heads coming together in our ‘board rooms’, every person employed by the company there to serve them with no less than sensitive service oriented to make certain the ‘in house deal makers’ had everything they wanted ASAP from limos to the finest cigars to the best restaurant food in New York. They likely paid us three times what the average service firm would charge for ‘super sensitive service’. 

‘How am I doing so far’ is a question made in a variety of expressed ways that you always need to be mindful of, especially with a young infant to a dying person. Sensitivity is something everyone says they have – ‘according to their definition’, but real sensitivity is according to the other persons wants and needs. Arrogance and ignorance fuels insensitivity. A sensitive person, with common sense and compassion for another is to be godlike. Staying clear of harms way is to avoid, or if necessary to carefully deal with insensitive people. Remember, they tell sweet little lies while they listen to their own personal needs first. Be in the heart with solid common sense. Give and receive from the heart and benediction. Being rationally sensitive while in the heart is the spiritual ladder to godliness.

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