Meditate Pain Away

Meditate Pain Away
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 July 22, 2017
Past memories creating perpetually lingering emotional pain need to be detached from. Every wound, by the law of nature, has to be unwounded for it to disappear as a wound. A child that grows up with a very positive upbringing is entitled and more likely to have a more positive outlook and experience of life. Those who grew up with trauma or questionable love will continue to add to that by law of nature. Why not? If a great childhood and one quite the opposite have the same positive future, then of course it wouldn’t matter how children are brought up.

However, in some ways, those who missed the emotional positive advantages may well be driven to be more successful in infinite outward ways. Emotional damage, nevertheless remains in the psyche throughout one’s life unless let go of or ‘detached’ from. Compartmentalizing by repression will be a false fix. The only ‘fix’ will come through love and it’s ability to rise above the hooks carried within to the negatives of the past. Those ‘hooks’ never really let go of the pains caused both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, fueling decisions that only exasperate the early life negatives. 

Whether a great childhood free of trauma or one riddled with pain, the tool of meditating is a benefit for both to live  healthy. For the fortunate upbringing, it’s a method to go deeper and beyond where you are like the natural athlete who has to develop the skills beyond just accepting  the natural physical gift if they want to ‘be all they can be’. The blessed child is likely less prepared for life’s challenges which are infinite. A good start is just that, and not a guarantee on how to handle what experiences that come through unawareness of by accident. 

Those with negative baggage, beginning in childhood, can use meditating for the same reasons, but also to see more clearly that the negatives attract more negativities. Putting all the negatives to rest, and not that they disappear, but through the tools of meditating can be understood and relegated to the status of ‘non attachment’. Flying a plane in and out of storms rather than in clear blue skies is not making an available choice to correct a flight pattern when there is an option. Meditating is an option, and can clear the inner skies for deep everlasting love to grow.

Perhaps a couple quotes clear the pathway:
‘’A man is like a fraction whose numerator is what he is and whose denominator is what he thinks of himself. The larger the denominator, the smaller the fraction.” – Leo Tolstoy
And, ‘’Before we keep trying, we must turn the page first — Alvin Toffler  There is no time like the present, that’s why it’s called a present.

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