Noose of Love

Noose of Love

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July 17, 2017
Is your love a strangle job? The ancient holy books say to ‘love your neighbor as yourself’. Easier said than done as they are mostly words that when looked into are empty shells of verbiage. Everybody’s got thoughts on love, and most claim they are nice loving people, unless further examined closely of course. For everything there is a season, or perhaps every season is for loving beyond what seems possible. Every season is an opportunity to search for the highest good and have it become an action in life. Love need not be a quandary in your life.

Love is open to a myriad of interpretations. Love is a walk away from that which casts darkness on the path of light. Have a friend who loves her dog – that’s nice. Even sleeps on the bed – that’s nice. Doesn’t require the dog dealing with it’s emotional problems, in fact of the two, it’s frequently got a lot less, People seek others with more love to give, but due to their shortage of inner self love and general inertia to unplug the outdated songs in the head of the past, they end up dog paddling upstream or treading water while floating backwards. Another unconscious continuing act of strangling love from shinning out of the mind initiated rubble. 
Being happy often means trying to be happy with whatever does come up with no personal improvement in sight. Of course, to improve the you that others see and the one you think is you, is always a good idea. The inner you needs  no improvement, but the you that has been acquired in your journey can always be modified, and to the point where it is easy to see the ‘real inner you’. Taking the rope or leash off your neck gives the mind and heart more breathing room for the opportunity to release the excitement and bliss of the inner you. 

Families – a noose on love? For many, many reasons they are dysfunctional ones being that many members are ‘broken wings’, and with all the options available to take up their time, they would rather hide from looking at themselves, or other family members. How many family members would be friends if they were not part of the family? Likely not more than one. It’s easy to find someone to spend your life of deep love with. If not, then you’re part of the problem. Life is a joy and life’s blessing for those that love being with their real selves. Love who you think you are, and at the same time, the journey to the real you. Live in the quiet now.

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