Heaven Canceled

Heaven Canceled!
 July 13, 2017
Oh My God, I got it off the internet just now! Eh!…you can’t believe every thing you get off the internet? Hmmm…some of it is hogwash, yet some of it is worth reading and believing … until you search for what is the truth! This is a quote by Albert Camus, the famous French philosopher – ‘’I shall tell you a great secret, my friend. Do not wait for the last judgment, it takes place every day.’’

The killer is the growing gap between laser speeding development of technology, and the growing gap of lagging human software in your hardware! And, it ain’t slowing down! Unless changes happen fast in the human software, its a flashpoint change that no one is looking for coming. There is no time to just raise your kids right, for there may be nothing to raise them for!! It’s time to unpack your unnecessary shopping carts filled with attached negative programming from childhood on to now. 

It’s no longer good enough to be just a human being thinking that you are owed a living! Life at times needs gratitude in terms of ‘giving back’ to ‘correct’ it’s path that’s gone astray. Your ability to learn and translate  that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate  challenge of necessity. But this isn’t quite enough. It has to be the *right* knowledge and the *right* action. It’s up to you and now to become the kind of person who translates the right knowledge into action,

Are you a purveyor of facts and truth, and are they not your friends? This is no time to be a ‘truthophobic’! Truth is the signs of positive action are no longer just a whisper. The lies and deceptions of the ages must be drained, like the draining of a swamp. Computers need to occasionally be ‘cleaned out’ as does the computer between the ears for ‘dissonant’, unnecessary, old, useless blocks for a fresh, healthy being. The world needs help, and not people who are just making a living to support the same old life style that mainly serves yourself. Lots of fun can be had refocusing on ways to first clear the mind and heart for vital streaming energy. That energy can also see the joy of giving to help make it a better world. Expect nothing in return but knowing you are giving ‘godly’ energy in thankfulness for the benevolence of being given life at this rare time. Clear the self; become endlessly informed about ways to make it a better world; be active using those two gifts. Truth gives freedoms, and give yourself the freedom to nurture the truth.

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