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July 11, 2017
Follow the crowd. Every bodies doing it! Trapping yourself into a sheeple farm to feel secure is a waste of a human life. Fast food behaviors, are like feeder troughs for food conformity for easy profit and international expansion, as well as designed to replicate the feeding of farm animals. Are you just a voyeur in life, a part of the audience, not really making the world your special creative stage? Most are intrapped by unexamined habits and routines, just gathering dust refusing by actions to grow.

Well, what’s the difference many say? You’re all monkeys from ‘monkey see, monkey do’! Technology is becoming more and more sophisticated so that the ‘gap’ between human inner development and streaking technology is becoming bigger and bigger. We are all one only egos, fears and beliefs separate us. 

Have you unconsciously submitted to United States Patent 5,159,703: Silent Subliminal Mind Control: which is a means of emitting an undetectable frequency that alters our consciousness. In that altering, conformity is altered and increased so that you become a puppet of those in power for whatever agenda they decide to use you for.
Now, more than ever we must begin to attain self awareness … to perceive what thoughts are our own, and what are of the programmed brain. Always open the door to new worlds, letting go of the ‘old’ that no longer serves healthy growth. We are consciousness. We are ultimately in control, not the other way around. The key to salvation is perception. To change your perception is to change your reality…  shake and blow apart the pillars of the smug boredoms of the soul.

Try the seven minute meditation by closing your eyes and taking a complete breath in, stopping for a moment then exhaling until the breath is empty, repeating in silence, a continual mantra quickly saying in your mind – 
‘’I will change my perception, I will change my reality.  I am changing my perception and my reality.” Repeating the mantra during the up and down breathing over and over. At the end of the technique, be still and watch with eyes shut anything that comes up with no judgment. Do this for a month 1 to 3 times daily, and your ‘conformities or questionable habits’ will be examined by a new awareness and a new creative energy will replace them. It’s time to began the journey into the soul which is your home. Imprinting the so called DNA of the soul and your future behavior will be affected.

Propose to be the real you rather than a hodge pod of conformity that entraps you into the loss of self choice instead selecting the higher picks in everything you encounter. Why be a human forgery when you are here to be the ‘real’ you unabated by any rid raf of the past that can be let go. It’s free and freeing! Look in from the outside, or try looking in from the inside to see the outside world better.
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