Flash Love!

Flash Love!

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July 9, 2017
Love in the moment may not be sustainable, but love is like a rainbow with many colors and intensities. Many are better off with ‘flash love’ as their nature is not such that more than that reveals characteristics that sometimes turns love sour even into a love-hate relationship, at best. Love is a fragrance that comes like a light in the dark, enveloping every moment. Love has it’s own mind whether timely or not. It’s always within you waiting for you to open your heart or even opening another’s heart. 

Love is that invisible energy which evokes a feeling in your being from infinite stimulates to the brain and heart. Unexpected love is that energy that touches the being from a flicker of insight too short for a lasting memory like a shooting comet in the sky. It might come seeing a little child walking by themselves, pushing a little shopping cart with a parent in the market, or the sound of a lakes water lapping onto the shore, to a passing romantic interlude, or a heartfelt memory of someone gone. The spark of love is a reminder to the conscious that love is always ready to respond. 

Love from the mind and at a disconnect from the conscious heart is a masquerade for carnal or material desires, The numbed down being from the feelings and expression that  love imparts is a proxy, a fabrication, a simulacrum, an imitation of life one step removed, Fake love wears many masks, and cares not for the  other or for the many changing vicissitudes that pass by that are loved by the open hearted. The dark heart is guided by the interest of self indulgence and greed coupled with covert lies to trap others for their purposes.

We all have a vibration that we send out regardless of how we look, act or just are, and that vibration should best be as filled with love as possible whether young or old. The spirit has no age as the body does. When the mind gets as old as the body, the flame of love becomes an ember. It’s all a choice to not identify with just the temple that houses the spirit. Flashback love long gone is a form of meditation when the attachment is in a let go while sending forth love to the love that has moved on to places unknown. 

Nature is in harmony with itself as is the pure energy of love. Love needs no conquering but the vulnerable all seeing
heart. The blocks of the past need to be removed and let go of for the heart to speak its melodies. Real love is DNA changing and is forever.

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