God Isn’t Dead

God Isn’t Dead
July 7, 2017
This I know because the bible tells me so. The bible tells the truth. Every other book is not the truth. The bible should be read word for word and taken literally. The next Disneyland is being constructed right now on the moon. Of course anyone who believes that just has to look at the other side of belief, and that’s doubt. Kinda like a husband who seems wonderful but secretly has another affair going on. Believing he’s the good husband is obviously not ‘knowing’ it. Perhaps soon they will have a ‘chip for sale where you can hear anything going on with the husband. Verification for validity eliminates the need for belief.

Belief is a temporary ‘soft ware devise’ for the brain while it searches for the truth. Problem is most folks get happy and comfortable with ‘belief’s’ so that ‘knowing’ is irrelevant for fear that it’s not as good as the ‘belief’. The controllers or those in power, be it your partner or the government, like you to keep happy with the ‘belief’. I read recently where in the US there are over 500,000 representatives of the Christian religion, trained in ‘learning centers’ in how to keep a small flock of people together in churches using hope, belief, faith, forms of cudgery, voodoo, and just selling hope and fears.
Snake oil is information of questionable veracity and of little real worth or value that is promoted as the solution to a problem. Problem with humans, unlike any other from of life, is that we think and wonder especially about death. Most  humans are lazy, broken winged from childhood unresolved issues, and just wanting ready made answers that are suppose to let them go back to sleep believing they will be in the hands of god.

Doesn’t matter that no one can define who, where, what, why or how, etc., that this god is real. Just have to take it on the word of the ‘religion salesman’ and/or the words in a particular ancient book that leaves many questions as to who wrote it.

It’s been said, that reality is often much stranger, yet better than fiction or a belief. All reality, comes with an opportunity to use it to learn and find new insights that lead to truths. Are you mind controlled? The reality is God can’t be dead, for no one can define ‘God’. and how can an unknown be dead or alive, except by belief if it isn’t known? There is strong evidence that not only is the universe on going but human life is also on a different plane apart from the duality beliefs of either ‘heaven or hell’. That reality ‘beyond’ the physical, depends on what happens to you on earth. More and more individuals with high perceptive ability of higher vibrations are connecting with those who have passed. Life is an adventure! Stay in the moment and make the best of the now…with a sense of humor of course!

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