Givers & Greed

Givers & Greed
Inline imageJune 22, 2017
Giving from the heart while living from the heart is ‘divine’, but…. Those who can give the most, are generally duplicitous with a nice cover, but whats’ inside rarely doesn’t pay attention to over serving themselves while giving crumbs for those in genuine need, or even for individuals who are trying to make a difference but for backing. The real duplicitous give only to get a tax write-off for their thirsty ego. No one deserves that life gives them a living out of proportion with the norm. The world has always been in a mess, with small pockets of exception since the beginning of time. This is ‘purgatory’ or a hell mixed with snippets of heaven for those unaware of the silent, hidden love within. 

Everyone can be a collector! A collector of the material, setting you higher than those living with consciousness and conscience is to be like a wild animal who feeds themselves at the expense of their newborn and others. Intelligence and common sense is suppose to separate us from the animal kingdom where all have limited abilities to make the kind of life a human can make. Be a collector of the qualities that make for an admirable example of higher conscious humans.   

Becoming attached to a life living on the surface while doing what you have to do to stay out of harms way is a life of disingenuousness. Claiming to work hard and living above the means of those with no home is cause for a ‘life review’ for compassion to those locked out of the opportunities or those who choose to live a simple life where inner quality is the priority. Love is a free energy for anyone when living in the heart. Buying love is no better than buying a ticket to heaven, even if both are illusions. Some live in illusion to the detriment of their neighbor where ever they may live on the earth. the earth is a house, that is divided against itself in infinite ways to make it a human prison with the jailers being those who don’t walk in humbleness and gratefulness.

Love should be life breathing. It should be just a normal quality within you, wherever you go, with whomever you are with, even if you are alone. Let love be overflowing within you, and if it isn’t all the riches are worth less than nothing. It is not a question of being in love with someone, but of being love yourself. Follow the ABC’s – Always Be Clear in the heart and mind. There is nothing greater to give than your love. Love holds no greed and no ‘write-offs’. What heat people have is always for the benefit of others.  I may be hard to see the impact of your love today, but if even one person has been positively affected, you’ve done some good! Be a temple of love. 

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