Middle Age 40-80

New terminology for age is needed. Of course, there is no quantifiable age except for the body. We are all ageless inside. However, everyone has a choice to identify with their perspective of age such as identifying with what certain ages are suppose to act like. When it comes to some things, like athletics, recognizing that bodily age matters at some point is common sense. Wisdom on the other hand is not age limited like many things, in fact as long as one is still learning, there is no end to acquiring more wisdom.

Putting on clothes that date you as ‘old’ reflects on the mind as being old. Age can be like clothes, it’s a choice. Certainly one doesn’t want to act like someone that hasn’t matured in a healthy way. In one way, age is an illusion, in another way the body is the temple of the ageless soul, and like any possession, likely works best when taken care of. 

Truth is, the old labels for age are increasingly out of sync with what most are experiencing today in the fast changing world of technology and understandings of the life process. Language is always moving from what is outdated in our thoughts and feelings. The times are a rare, first time opportunity to be blending with the changing times. 

I have a few suggestions for a new look at life’s basic stages each comprising around 20 years:
     • Birth to 20: Childhood
     • 20 to 40 years: Youth 
     • 40 to 60 years: Early middle age
     • 60 to 80 years: Late middle age
     • 80 to 100 years: Elderhood (85 to 100?)

Or another way I like to categorize is to use the ‘sports’ quarter system:
     • First quarter: Birth to 25 years
     • Second quarter: 25 to 50 years
     • Third quarter: 50 to 75 years
     • Fourth quarter: 75 to 100 years
     • Overtime!: 100 years and up

Eighty for example would be ‘early fourth quarter’. Life is a lot perception, and perception can make you feel better as these categories should! Choosing what feels good rather than feeling, for example, being on your last leg at 65. Late middle age sounds a whole lot better than being old at 60. Whatever age, there is always the opportunity to let clinging to past memories that don’t feel good be let go of to the wind. Life is one waking up process to see that you really are no age but how you feel, and that doesn’t need to mirror the ‘body temple’. It’s always time to find inner enjoyment even in the bleakest of times. It’s just seeing and feeling that you are a soul moving through different stages of existence. The spiritual, or moving beyond the physical, is a much higher vibration invisible to the eye. Always live for great karma in this life and for the next. There is no end, and the beginning hasn’t started, not just yet. Love has no age!

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