Lackadaisical Living

Lackadaisical Living

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 June 13, 2017
Many Americans live as if life is a ‘silver spoon’ from heaven where they will one day be taken care of in some rainbow in the sky. I’ve met many silver spoon people who get the ‘moniker’ from being the offspring of wealthy parents who often have to die before the pot of gold at the rainbow comes due to them. Life owes no one a living! Life is an opportunity for each to make the best of this miracle called life, and at perhaps the best time ever in history for self growth, helping others to live better, and then spending a little ‘lackadaisical’ time on a vacation.

Life is a mystery right up until the plug is pulled, then it becomes an even greater mystery, at least from us here living in the ‘sliver spoon’ miracle of ‘free choice’ in a human body. One thing isn’t a mystery of course, and that there is a time to go. At that time, the energy within the temple of a human body rises to a real mystery. Now it’s best to assume that life just doesn’t end there, and that energy takes with it the personal karma’s of life on earth. It’s also best to not  assume that you can lead a life empty of good works and love that things will change for the better behind the veil! 

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates 
Whatever your state in life, be it flowing with investments and money or living with bare essentials, there is good reason to let go of your entitlement or lack of it. Take time to examine yourself for the  qualities you live in your own life, those close to you, and the society at large. Time to turn on your best qualities, and search for new ones to light up the collective light of humanity. Life is like a garden, and as weeds have grown, it’s up to each one to pull and let go of the negative weeds as many as possible while enjoying the process. 

Reseting your mind and heart begins with making that choice and telling yourself you’ll do whatever it takes to do that. The mind and heart CAN be renewed with an ‘extreme makeover’ beginning today. Keep that focus in mind always then do things that detach or let go from the negative. When you have done that, even for a few moments of holding that space, everything becomes new! The key is to expand those few moments to more and more moments throughout the day, step by step. It’s ABC’s! A is the intent to focus. B is being in the moment even for a few seconds at first. C is for seeing or being aware of what comes up and just watch it – no judgment. That ABC technique (add D for doing it!) is one of the many forms of meditation. The mediation, which comes in a variety of methods all involving slow breathing, is like a car wash for retrieving that new shine. That shine for you will boost your energy beyond lackadaisical for more and more love shine! Get high naturally on living a life of giving and loving. Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.

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