Incongruous Self Love

Incongruous Self Love
 June 18, 2017
Be a whistle blower on yourself! Many live in their skins incompatible with their higher self or self love of the inner. Not being harmonious in behavior with yourself and others is always a good time to stop, and take a deep look at yourself.

It’s a good thing to ask others what they would ‘correct’ about you! Of course, the ‘real you’ needs no correction. All corrections are to better steer you to that perfect you. Corrections? Corrections of bad habits that you don’t acknowledge or if you do, one’s that follow you around every day. ‘Accept me as I am’ is just a selfish excuse to demand that you are censuring another from selective communication, and a refusal to grow in self love or give that love to others, and/or receive it without conditions. 

Many put a ‘fear shield’ around themselves to protect from anyone questioning their bad habits, or offering suggestions on improving connections with others. Often it stems from child abuse, poor parenting, and/or traumas that haven’t been dealt with. Being blind to ignoring the use of developmental skills has karmic implications, often without being seen as a consequence. Life is   a bumpy road if you assume nothing personal needs improving. It’s the ‘spiritual thing to do’ to self examine, or have others help you see how self improvement could clear your life path. Some have abilities like allowing monetary survival skills to over shadow escaping so called demons that cling to their personal lives. As former New York City Mayor Ed Koch use to say to people of the city, ‘How am I doing so far’?

As you go through life, certainly you buy new clothes to replace the ones that no longer serve you in the way they once did. More important than the outer clothes you wear, are the inner clothes of attitudes and habits that don’t make you feel as well as you could imagine. Are you happy, excited, grateful, and often feeling love from within? If not, it’s time to ‘reboot’ and renew the old that doesn’t give that shine and healthy feeling. Shower or bath time cleans the body. It makes sense that a ‘brain wash’, or a clearing-cleaning of the mind and heart deserves the same attention, for that is not the real you unless it’s free of all the lingering smells of the negative. 

Time to really think of yourself first and foremost. Giving to yourself in positive conscious ways will extend to all others you encounter especially those closest to you. Spend less time on frivolous entertainment and more on ‘innertainment’. Be the best example to yourself, and it will ricochet to those you encounter. For all to be able to resonate in harmony with the highest place is to reach the divine. Toss in a good portion of daily humor and life becomes a blessing!  

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