Greatest Art

Greatest Art

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 May 28, 2017
Money is at the root of love. There is nothing greater than money, money, money. It can buy everything! The religion of the masses is money and the material, with maybe a little posturing to one’s favorite belief system. It is a great art to acquire lots of money. That being said to nurture the egos of those who chase the material, there is another viewpoint that is even more enriching. Consider that you can love more than one person at a time, but will fail at a significant love of money and another at the same time.

The greatest art is not love of money, but love of self and another. Love of money or love of self, both have blocks that need removing before assimilating. President Trump a few years back created a best selling book called, ‘The Art of the Deal’, or how to make more money. The art of love is missing. In both, to achieve, one needs to be focused on one of the two  different arts. The art of making money requires a focus on what brings the flow of cash like giving a service, product and with a deep involvement with the  ‘purchaser’.

In the ‘art of love’, there is no sidestepping of a deep emotional involvement unlike what’s necessary in the art of making a deal for more  monetary gratification. Everyone just wants to be loved, but many chase gratification in another pursuit which inevitably downsizes their emotional commitment to love and devotion. In fact, the art of making money is to some degree the art of avoiding an inner personal love that expresses itself deeply with another. 

Make each moment of your life an art so that each moment of your life becomes that of an artist. The mature person does not fall in love. Only immature people fall down and stumble in love. They have unresolved issues that have not been addressed and let go of. A mature person can stand alone, and when he meets someone, he rises in love with no strings attached to the freedom of the other. When two ‘mature’ and centered people meet, one of life’s most beautiful phenomena happens. They truly become ‘one’ but maintain their individuality. Actually, two people in a superconscious love help each other grow deeper in love. You love to see the other person become independent. Freedom is destroyed with people who stumble and fall in love creating a ‘bondage’. 

Real genuine love flows regardless of a life together. That love is never ending. This is my personal experience. The heart will always be smiling and filled with blissfulness! Drop all fears, and move into the world of love! Listen to your heart! Love life and life will love you back!

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