People are Mirrors

People are Mirrors

May 12, 2017
You may not like what you see, but always take notice of who or what you have chained yourself to! People have invisible doors that let someone in close or not, and not necessarily because they are on the same vibration. It might be because the other has something that can make you feel good, be it money, beauty, wisdom, ability to help you, etc. However, getting too close to the mirror of what attracts you, may show an image later which if seen in the beginning, may have found you changing your mind and closing the door, or at least to know what you might be walking into if not  being discerning. 

How you feel about what has created the ‘you’ which you still believe to be the real ‘you’ is a mirror. If you love yourself, you love others. If you hate yourself, you hate others. Because in a relationship with another…the other is nothing but a mirror. Our thoughts are from the accumulation of experiences and the interpretation of those experiences. In a sense, they so not exist but are merely psychological  illusions that when you become aware of them, the cease to exist as realities. 

On all levels, be it lost in the forest of trees or lies, caring for a baby, an irritable co-worker, someone intoxicated, violent, loving, on and on, people and  circumstances are often ‘shape shifting’. A quick glance without a discerning eye for implications, be they divine or challenging, all reflect from your accumulated character of your past to your inner being of mental, emotional, and spiritual evolvement. There are no visible trophy prizes for an inner ‘let go’, freedom, or self love but a feeling that gives inner gratefulness and is always giving with gratitude.  

Always shine the light of awareness on the inner you, and ask, ‘who am I’. Do your perceptions of who you think you are pass the test of reality? Awareness seeks discernment that in turn seeks the light and highest in yourself, others, and everything. Pick up the broken pieces of your past and like a ‘finishing carpenter’, do a recycle job that presents a new ‘real you’ void of attachment to the psychological burrs. Your past issues dirty the mirrors of reality instead causing illusions of deception.

Know that there is a difference between intellect and intelligence. The best mirrors are from intelligence. The two are polar opposites. Intellect is of the head and is taught by others. It has to be cultivated. It is borrowed and not inborn. Intelligence is inborn, and is your very being and nature.  It is not necessary to leave the you that has tagged along for years, but to detach from what are lingering wounds or mistakes. Religion calls it repentance. Be fresh and renewed! It’s always your choice! Always have the key available to your freedom!

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