Dark Heart

Dark Heart

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April 3, 2017
Turning up the volume of light from the heart makes you a human-being ‘being human’! The mind is dark without the heart. Darkness makes the way of truth in the light impossible. It’s great to have a brain that feeds the mind in a variety of infinite phenomena, but without the connection to the heart filled with light is merely trouble even with the good it does. Always, the question is who’s mind is it? Your parents, friends, teachers, perceived social ‘norms’, or addiction to a religion that even may be misinterpreted, etc.

The mind is very impressionable, capable of brilliance to the most negative things imaginable. Both, and infinite other characteristics, can give what will be a troubled mind without the light shinning up from a full, open, and vulnerable non resistant heart. To be well rounded meaning having common sense, certain knowledge, awareness and discernment along with vulnerability and a quest for the spiritual, you can’t be a conscious, evolving human being being with all the inner qualities available. Turn your heart lights on!
Smoking up or ignoring the heart is a step leading to more steps to debilitating the physical and especially the emotional, and spiritual  wonders to be an example of a new man and woman that the planet so sorely needs. The planet is sick along with it’s  human inhabitants, but on the positive, optimistic side, at the door of a new transformation that can begin right now changing things at the pace of technology growing, and possibly much faster. The mind is a fraud without a full partnership of communication with the heart. The mind cannot be trusted to just announce it’s going to enter into a partnership with the mind. The mind becomes attached to itself especially if endorsed by the outside world to convince itself that it is fine with little heart interaction. Karma’s effects will enter your life with the mind justifying every negative that ‘just happens’ like the seagull that instinctively decides to color your hair as it flies overhead. 

Get proactive with opening the heart by not avoiding feelings even if they are hurtful. Feelings are there for a reason good or bad. Accept them and feel them in your heart with letting the heart being open to sending out love even if it’s requiring a breakout from a heart of pain. Accept that it is only yours to be with regardless of bliss or hurt. Both are heart opening. In that space, let the mind be accepting and affirmative. 
The greatest fear in the world is the fear of other’s opinions and the lonely mind. Coming to the point of no longer being a sheeple, let a great energy roar from the heart in a new found freedom.

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