Love Abortion

Love Abortion
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April 29, 2017
Love dwells in many mansions. Love has many dimensions, characteristics, degrees, and heartfelt compassions. Love never forgets who opened the floods of energy to one level or another. Love is not false and forgetful. Love’s door always remains open under all circumstances. 

The mind is love’s enemy or friend. Love and the mind are best in teamwork to always reach for the highest altitudes of giving and receiving. Love begins by coming out of the dark into the dawn’s early light of fog, mist, light rain or a true blessing of a downpour that drenches the soul in perpetual energy. Love is coming home to the joys and beauties of life. It may come from the backdoor or wherever to begin the love affair however it manifests itself. 

Love follows the invisible footprints of something inside that awakens the heart and mind. Love begins as a stranger. Each one is a stranger unto themselves until the whispers of love’s energy is followed up in the silence of being alone. All paths lead to love, but their is a choice to stop on the path that has holders and impediments blocking those that don’t take the time to go beyond leaving what was obstructing the climb to ascend to love’s heights. 

Love’s blocks create unnecessary pains and distractions that darken the light of responding to all love past and  present. A cliche perhaps, but love in the moment otherwise called the ‘present’ is just that, ‘a present’ from universal energy or godliness. Love lights up your life and is energized by connecting with anthers love. Love unchained, delights in always touching those loved, present and past. 

Love abandoned is to abort love in denial that dims the lights of love’s energy within. Love doesn’t hold back, but thrives on giving and receiving. Love not living as an open door for giving and receiving reduces love to embers awaiting the breezes of yesterdays love lost to return as a gentle reminder of the way it was. Love doesn’t have a trap door that suddenly disappears especially when it was well beyond it’s infancy of existence. No matter where you are, love follows you ignored or welcomed. 

Time is just a word. Love is just a word, like the air, however it follows you wherever you go and whatever you do. Make friends with the sparks of love within to become a roaring fire of consciousness. Love is an expression of heaven that is available to all who open the eyes within. Always cherish it, and what it has given and received. The night of the dark is the birth of love into the light. Say goodbye to all that is in the way of love and know it is perhaps your ego as the boulder on the path. Love is ‘free’, use your ‘love’s wand’ to light it where’ve you can. Love is a dance for you and me, and a partner in bliss and joy into the illimitable.  
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