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Inline imageApril 18, 2017
WHY almost everyone doesn’t accept that they are beautiful, special, near perfect, and showing up otherwise is a wasted and erroneous perception! This life is made for you and me regardless of how confusing, and at times abusing it may be. We are made of spirit in material form – the spirit is always beautiful, but often must be explored like in the story of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ from the book of Genesis. Jacob’s Ladder is the colloquial name for a connection between the earth and heaven that the biblical Patriarch Jacob dreams about during his flight from adversity or of his hating inner self.

The ‘ladder’ might be imagined to be a self directed journey of step by step, rung by rung, higher and higher on Jacob’s spiritual ladder to your higher self to the heaven within. All the ‘self help’ tools are readily available more than ever before to reach that higher superconsciousness. The ‘seeker’ can find the guide within thru meditation leading to  the ladder of love of self first. The beauty you find within will be a light throughout the rest of your life for you and for those who can receive your blessings. However, be leary of proselytizing as that is symbolic of ones who have taken a few steps then are filled with spiritual ego, and stop on the climb to spiritual freedom.
A short story of stopping on a lower rung of Jacobs ladder: Abandon all reason and critical thinking. This is imperative. You cannot become a good seeker if you question the holy book you follow with reason or skepticism. Smile a lot to everyone you see. Say you love them even when you hate their guts. You must pretend, at all costs, to love your worst enemies even if it kills them in the end. Attempt to convert your unbelieving friends. Make an ass out of yourself to the point of getting them angry. Make sure you always keep smiling and tell them how much you love them. This will escalate their anger and leave you fully satisfied. If they persist, claim that they are in league with the Devil and only faith in Jesus can release them (make sure you keep smiling).

Communication is the problem and the answer. Communicate with your self until you get feedback from your higher self. The ‘real you’ is hidden in plain sight within that which holds the secrets of life – the open heart! Swimming upstream your whole life bumping in to the negative ‘flotsam’ of blocks from the past without finding ways of detaching from them is akin to a slow suicide. Choose whatever brings inner freedom and love! 
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