Coping Without Love

Coping Without Love
April 12, 2017
First thing is to do what you got to do with the most positive energy that you can dig up. Most people are dealing with a ‘love tank’ (the heart) that is 1/2 empty at best. Something deep inside of you doesn’t feel that something is right. The ‘gas station of love energy juice’ isn’t immediately available at many times of need. The mind is needed to solve situations but is not getting much energy from the tank of love below. Sometimes it’s called, ‘not thinking straight’. Looking ahead or looking back can cause interference with the bliss of awareness in the moment. Stop the ‘traffic’ of yesterdays negatives and tomorrows fears, while just being with the moment now.

Stop all that causes frustration by starting with seeing that ‘it’s frustration’, then accepting that the mind has made it so, and them seek the short list of higher solutions. Life is like a Game of Chess. No one has ever won a game of chess by taking only forward moves. Sometimes you have to move backwards to take better steps forward. That’s life… Even when you lose, you are winning with the right  attitude. Consider how you’ve come to this point. Certainly it’s a combination of positive and negative happenings. Change what you can, don’t try to change whats impossible, and know that you are now at the best place to see the options ahead. 
Want the things you want with detachment, accepting what comes, finding the best way to work with it. Have back up or alternative plans for ‘plan A’. Have ‘plan B, C, and D’ thought out, also letting existence play a part in having to detach from all plans to do the best on the new path in positivity. Follow the path that gives your heart the most peace. Brush aside distractions, like how others may treat you less than you desire. See it as their problem as long as you make the highest choices.

Beauty lies in how we make others feel about themselves, and how we feel about ourself. ‘Skillful means’ are a useful tool to guide you in all situations especially where there is ‘drama’, which is always guaranteed in life’s experiences. Use ‘skillful means’ with yourself to position all your interactions ‘harmoniously positioned’ in the best place to cope or experience anyone and anything. In your tool box to more heart energy is the ‘tool’ of changing your breathing from shallow to deep slow breaths. Take time out daily in a quiet place t0 experience deep, slow breathing focusing on each breath over on going minutes, clouds of mental riffraff will disperse into a sense of bliss. Be free of a busy mind through the secret of the breath to fill the heart with the energy of love. 

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