Flicker of Enlightenment

Flicker of Enlightenment
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 April 10, 2017
Unless an enlightened woman says you are enlightened you are not! Enlightenment is a word, unlike a few years ago, is bandied about as if it’ ‘store bought’. Life has a tendency to get away from us. Weeds grow in the human being, mind and heart. An ‘organic weed killer’ is meditation and love. To get to love, which is a meditative state, meditating is a flight out of your attachment to experiences holding you back. Of course, the ‘you’ that thereal you has become attached to is for outer ‘drama’. 

The human ego is like a helium filled balloon. It can be popped in a flash, or it just shrinks away after it is puffed up. Illusions are part of the human experience. No other animal can compete! You can be smart as a whip, charming, considerate, rich, popular, religious, ‘know it all’, on and on, but it has nothing to do with being ‘enlightened’. Truth be told, there are only subjective definitions of what it is, and maybe it’s just a state of being non attached and ‘simple’? 
To be more enlightened seems to be more of a ‘flicker of enlightenment’. 

Be excited about who you are and are not, for at least a good feeling that is desirable to watch from the you inside to the you on the ‘outside’. Your experience is not enlightenment! What ever attaches to your experience is not the real you. It’s enlightening to ‘let it go’, and fly away! The empty mirror, void of all your subjective experiences, is you. Let experiences disappear, or better said, if they  disappear on their own accord, one can see that enlightenment is not an experience. Self realization is not filled with ‘objects’ and experiences are ‘objects’.

Be excited about life, love, experiences, imagination, anything that may be enlightening but it’s not enlightenment. An enlightened being (who may not be enlightened) is not capable of passing the torch that makes you enlightened. At best they can sweep out the blocks you are attached to and seem to push you along in what you call a journey. Enlightenment is not a journey. Enlightenment is a word that can take on many unmasked masks depending on the perceiver. Be courageous, seek and enjoy the view that you encounter, being mindful of not being attached. Being married to who you think you are is not a marriage that will ultimately work in the spiritual sense. It’s possible to wake up to a world of godliness. So be with it and be finished with all the ‘enlightenment’ illusionary games. Explore and enjoy ‘harmonious positioning’ to all matters in life.

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