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April 28, 2017
Certainly our hearts go out to those whose lives that were cut short sacrificing their life and/or doing their best to be good people whatever their personal challenges were. The last few years have, and continue to be, more and more exciting like never before in history, but at the same time chaotic and maddening. Always we are on the fragile cusp of destroying each other. The incredible continuing rise of technology has left an ever increasing gap between what humanity can handle and the development of all aspects of collective intelligence or consciousness.

If there is one group that can save humanity from its self destruction more than any other group it’s ‘senior citizens’ or those over 55. The young adults just out of childhood are told to sacrifice their life for an alleged more peaceful world which is no where near closer to happening than when told the same thing to our great grandparents. Truth is, we are closer to destruction. Most of the young are faced with school debts that may take decades to pay back, earning a living, marrying, divorcing, children responsibilities, huge unemployment, house payments on and on, not to mention the implications of testosterone creating more challenges, some creating a back peddling of their lives. 

On the other hand, the collective of ‘senior citizens’ control most of the money by far, have easily the most time, and hopefully   have more wisdom for living and guiding the younger. Most of these millions do nothing to ‘serve’ their country in their senior years, and with no sacrifice needed, Life is a journey, or akin to a ‘job’ that is never finished. Millions are living past 80 and 90 which means that there is 20 to 40 years left for millions to serve for the betterment of the world and for those kids not even born to experience a much more enlightened world.

What’s needed to save our fellow humans worldwide, especially those with the lack of entitlements, is for the collective seniors to draft themselves into giving back in gratitude for the honor of having been given life at this time. It’s time to stand up and volunteer to serve others with a positive optimism. The life that will be benefited will be theirs as well as all who will succeed them. To the Christian, this will be like the ‘second coming of Christ’. Whatever state you are in, it’s time to dig deep within for love, compassion, and the affirmative action to make a difference. Always, life rewards those who walk the highest talk the can conceive and achieve. Start with using the available free methods to raise your energy and love of self, for It’s that which will contribute to you having the godly energy to give to others. 

Be at ‘attention’ and paying attention! We can work it out in this short life and turn things around for a new conscious humanity. Life is knocking on your door! Answer, and be all you can be to help raise up the conditions of life on earth.


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