Chained Couples

Chained Couples
 April 2, 2017
Seven years with the wrong person will drive most anyone mad, but hopefully more than enough to stop and take a good look at themselves. Two coupling, and merging deeply in consciousness as ‘one’ is the ultimate manifestation of a superconscious love. However, in reality all but the rare ones bonding, creates quite another scene difficult to manage or escape without significant wounds or life implications. We each tend to create our own destinies.

Is the escape maybe worse than the suffering of soured love? We usually get what we deserve. Life is often a mirror of your perceptions. Rare is the one who doesn’t struggle with their own demons, and instead working them out, making friends with them. When two people come together, there is a lot of illusion or hopeful thinking (non thinking really) about the consequences of two people not having tackled their own demons before getting together. A recipe for a ‘non organic’ coupling that will reveal itself as a ‘couple prison’ until death or divorce do they part. 

The ‘chains of attachment’ grow locking each other in to a ‘self induced’ like prison. Having talked to a handful of men  who’ve been in prison, strangely they rate it on many counts better than being cut loose. Point is, humans adjust to adverse situations, like people who become trapped into a total control, captive situation by another, not long ago identified as the ‘Stockholm syndrome’. Coupling in a codependent relationship becomes a life of strategy for survival because the ‘you set it up’ that way with no agreement and communication allowed for each other’s freedom. Life can be a swamp, or a walk under the moonlight even when the rains fall. 

Two people, or even being alone with self love, that are rolling in the deep of love see the beauty and positivity in infinite situations that everyone comes upon in life, like it or not. Fear of change, or more specifically the fear of the negative illusions that represent lack of inner comfort are like dark clouds that are harbingers of a storm coming. In reality, walking into the unknown is an opportunity for new adventures and a chance to grow. 

Love doesn’t chain itself into social or personal expectations. Love is free as the air, never puling the plug on its presence or lack thereof. Love survives even the ‘coffin’, and that may be the removal from interaction of two people. Once a person reaches the inner bliss of love, it’s embers are always ready for any breeze to light it’s fire. Love is a spirit that transcends the physical when evolved. Love is giving and receiving just for its necessity. Love expresses itself as an ‘unchained melody’. Love in the spiritual world is free of chains that no longer need live in the role’s world of false, obligatory commitment. Staying in the moment, you will feel the joy of love breezes.

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