Shyness is Selfishness

Shyness is Selfishness
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March 24, 2017
To continuing being shy into adulthood is a choice of the ego. Of course, shyness can be sweet, particularly among the very young, but at some point it becomes an albatross or a prison within. Shyness grows into a sabotage of the freedoms of self expression. Being the best friend to yourself requires minimizing or eliminating all barriers to healthy expression. Shyness can be crippling to the wishes of expression, particularly of emotions. 

The ability to be more extroverted can be a social asset that can manifest rewards in many ways – as long as common sense is included in the outgoingness. That common sense equates to a humbleness, empathy, and compassion for others equally. Some seem to be born, or at least acquired with an outgoing personality. Others are on the other polarity of not being able to speak and interact with confidence, of course depending on circumstances. The more polarized we become the greater the thickness of the skull. People float in an illusion where the worst miseries can be normalized by the ego of denial.

Shyness for most is a secretly kept misery blanket of not being able to communicate. However on the other end, extroverts often have problems in intimacy of closeness and are introverted. The most confining cases are people who are introverts with intimacy, and in social situations. The earlier in life the better to come to terms with one’s own illusions by taking positive actions now. 
Change doesn’t happen with fairy dust. The fear of change is like lead in the feet. Fears are endless of the weak, creating denials and self deceptions which really are designed unconsciously to hide the lack of strength to look at oneself. Life and love are about the feeling of giving and receiving. Shyness has a hard time giving overt expressions of joy or recognition as well as expressions of receiving friendliness. Pretty selfish when you think about it! One perspective of a very wise man to break in to the real you: 

‘’Trying to become something is the first mistake you make. 
Trying to overcome your problems is the second mistake you make. Even trying to understand reality is a mistake.

The only thing left to do is to let go of everything else you’ve got, your fears, your frustrations, your concepts, your ideas, your ego. Everything must be given up. 
There is absolutely nothing to gain. 
There is absolutely nothing to gain due to the fact that you are that already. 
Yet you may ask, and rightly so “You mean I shouldn’t care about my job, my family, my love for flowers or for mountains or for rivers? I shouldn’t care for any of these things?” Mentally, you shouldn’t. Your body will continue to do what it does, and will feel better doing it. Everything is given up mentally. When everything is given up mentally, your desires, your habits, the things that have held onto you for so long, will automatically break loose, and you will find freedom.’’ ~ Robert Adams

Create situations that bring out your freedom of expression in order to be the real you. You can break through anything that limits your positive expression! 

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