Chicken Hawk Love

Chicken Hawk Love

 March 23, 2017
Oy veh! Shall we respect the joys of lust? Sometimes mutual lust finds love hidden within the joys of the communion of the flesh. The holy books infer that two of the same biological persuasion are being naughtier than finding an opposite gender partner. Being a prisoner of lust for you own pleasure, and at the expense of another is criminal. When does lust live alongside love? Is there more lust involved in male sex? Is chicken hawk lust a natural consequence of the internal makeup of those who find themselves the victim of an older pursuer? Maybe it’s best to find answers from someone who is a ‘chicken hawk’?

The origin of the term means a type of hawk that seems to prey on domestic fowl meaning ‘chickens’. Another meaning is a person who speaks out in favor of war, yet avoids military service. Here it’s used in gay circles to mean a gay man who seeks out younger men, possibly unfamiliar with homosexuality, but through the ways and means of the older man, has an experience of gay sex. My observation over the years is that (what is being recognized more and more) all are not just male or female except on the ‘outside’ but prone to being more feminine inside or more male inspite of body type, often physically resembling in some ways the opposite sex. The age of the ‘transgender’ is upon us. 
Because humans are still in the internal emotional developmental stages slowly arising  from their neanderthal past, empathy and compassion for those not normally heterosexual have been scorned and ridiculed causing this small minority of people to remain hidden or ‘in the closet’. Times are finally changing where people can be who they see themselves as with lessening ridicule. The question, still unanswered, is same sex preference behavior learned or is it from birth? Religion seem to feel that it’s learned and preventable or changeable from it ‘sinful’ ways. Like many things in life, there seems to be no ‘patented answer’ applicable to each individual situation.

Perhaps there is a propensity for some to be more open to one way or the other. An effeminate male may find that less effeminate males attract females more readily while those less male appearing, and unconsciously find and seek their counterpart. The ‘chicken hawk’ equivalent for females is called ‘cougar’ and does likewise. Studies indicate that certain factors in childhood such as molestation or rape by an elder may contribute to the resulting choice.

In any case, whether ‘straight or gay’ we are all of the same one soul divided into an individualization that requires adapting to being who you feel you are be it not the best perception. We all are love beings potentially regardless of circumstances and choice of sexuality. In higher consciousness, love within is the dominating energy. Letting go of all obstructions that are negative in yours and others perceptions, valid or not, opens the so called love channels. Always seek the path of most love! The ‘right path’ feels good to you and to anyone else involved. 

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