March 20, 2017
Snaky news is a deceptive, deceitful portrayal of the news to serve the financiers while being disingenuous to the paying public. TV isn’t free! Shrouding the truth to satisfy advertisers and those that control, who sometimes are being less than truthful too (ie., Big Pharma) is, and should be, recognized as humiliating to the intelligence of the viewer. Fake news has become a new and popular assessment of the lies on main stream news. ‘All the news that’s fit to print’ is a New York Times motto. Also, hidden behind the words ‘that’s fit’ is the TV news media which really means, ‘we’ll tell you what our sponsors and controllers want you to hear. Truth becomes watered down and/or ignored, and ‘out the window’’

To use a more personal example that mirrors ‘snaky news’ is the cheating husband. The husband who says only what his wife wants to hear, but finds ways to lead a ‘double, secret life’ is not only being snaky, but being what amounts to another animal, a rat! Like mainstream news, the cheating husband doesn’t want to ‘rock the boat’, so he lies and fools his wife with ‘fake stories’ or the omission of honesty.

Lies are accumulative, and one lie requires another lie to cover previous lies. Lies become a habit. I found out shortly in the corporate sales world when selling a service, that lying to a potential client or customer would have ramifications in the big city of  New York business as it’s really a small world. A valued service is to make who you are dealing with know that you’re honest and tell the truth. It’s easy to forget lies told in one place, with another in another place making it impossible to keep track of the lies, making  you lie about lying! The consequences become like baling water out of a boat with a hole in it. 

Maybe it all began quite innocently with Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny, then religion, then slipping into the world of what we are told how things are from our history books, then to Disneyland movies, then to the real(?) world. Alas, it isn’t the ‘real’ one portrayed especially on the news! Life has mysteries, especially when you have to discover with little or no mentoring from someone who knows from experience. Straight talk of positive truths is not the easiest to find in a crippled world especially when ‘times are changing with confusing values and technology developments spiraling faster than anyone can keep up with.

We are essentially our own deceiver by just accepting what we easily believe without searching using common sense and research in the right places. We must learn to read between the lines of what’s conveyed, questioning your perception, and seeing what the truth is. Trust, but verify. Trust love, common sense, compassion and the highest instincts for truths, for they are within your abilities. ‘Show me’ ultimately comes from within the clear mind and heart! Be open to being wrong when you thought you were right. Defend yourself against misinformation, even if that information is accepted everywhere as ‘truth’. Lies are like a vampire that needs more covert lies to keep it fed. Flow with the transparency of provable phenomenon. The voice of reason is needed to see through lies.

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