Going Through Hell

Going Through Hell ..

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April 4, 2017
If you’re going through Hell, keep moving through. Stay as calm and hopeful as possible. A rolling rock gathers no moss. LIFE ON EARTH is between hell and paradise, both are more available than you may know. Often it’s your choice. Hell is easier to choose by not paying attention to life, instead choosing to live in the middle way with common sense. Hell is sometimes within our unconscious choice, often letting someone else control your life with little choice of freedom. Be as free as possible while being in awareness.

In the Broadway play of New York City, Man of La Mancha, Don Quixote was an aging man who could see possibilities that others ignored. Some were absurd, but it was his optimism that was heartfelt. In the main song, his words were that he would ‘march into hell for a heavenly cause’! Risky! Marching seems to be under a spell of control, however sometimes moving through a hell is better than accepting it as fate. Attitude is a resource to call on while keeping your thoughts open for the light ahead. 

“Life is absurd,” William Egginton tells us in his new book about Miguel de Cervantes and Don Quixote of Man of La  Mancha, “so laugh—but also feel, because life’s travails hurt others as much as they hurt you.” Take a little time to think things over. Try to read between the lines. Life is like a mountain where we must climb through the clouds and impediments to the clear air. Go where love is. Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.  Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.

The worst in life is “attachment” .. it hurts when you lose it. Let your life be a template for living it all over again and again and again. Make your life a template for others too. Be more than an animal or an ‘accumulator of the material’ just passing away time. Great things always begin from the riches within.

Make a choice as much as possible to have a life more akin to heaven than hell. If you find yourself in a ‘hell’, seek the love within, or if you have it in consciousness already, you are blessed even in hell’s moments. One of the sad truths is that so many people are in love, and not together while also so many people are together and not in love. 

Welcome to your life! You are here as the closet thing to godliness, but life is a maze that you should avail yourself to always focus to move out of the haze of avoiding life’s riches within. 
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