LettingGo of Love

Letting-Go of Love
Inline image March 9, 2017
‘Hanging on’ to love can be a death wish, and a crippler for healthy living! Having inner love filling your heart is the source of all love. Empty hearts are not filled by someone else, but by you only finding the love within. Human’s are unique in all life as they have the power to create love within consciously. A mother can fill a child’s heart with love, or have circumstances where it may be blocked for a variety of reasons. Children with blocked hearts grow into adults with the same situation which is often exacerbated by ongoing decisions from less than a clear mind and heart energies.

Always take responsibility for your moods be they grieving, loving, negative, or feeling sorry for yourself even for good reasons! The world is like a live TV coverage and you have the camera that films what’s out there, and what’s inside you. You have the ‘key’ to your life, but always make sure you have a spare key incase you get locked out of common  sense and your heart. 

The spiritual path of love is fraught with peaks and valleys that are only soothed by your own love within. Depending on someone else for your love as an adult is like depending on someone else to do your swimming. Self love is a life preserver when caught in the ocean’s rip tide. Everyone gets the love of something or someone ripped from their grasp where you are choked up in the reality that turns what you forgot was like a  dream into the dark night of the soul. Face the hurts and pains by letting the heart’s pains and tears be the same process to covert and fill it with love.

A great secret to assist in letting go of love’s attachment, besides knowing that the love you felt should always be remembered and nourished, is to celebrate the memories while sending love endlessly to anyone you felt love toward or with. Never avoid the hurts and missing the feelings of someone departed by choice or death with drowning yourself in intoxicants or denial. Part of life is to feel and open the heart naturally on your own. Love can be like a dark, starless, stormy night with no seeming end, but always the dawn comes with a new day to support a life that lets in the the positives, and yet embraces the moments that show you how someone had a special meaning on who you are now, and imprinted within. No life is real without the challenges of the spirit be they anyway that happens. It is authentic you who is at the helm of life and love. Always remember that laughter soothes the soul!

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