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 March 4,  2017
Who your are is not who you are! Take a moment and see if you can see what that means. Do you agree? We are all imprinted throughout life, but especially early on. Everybody has different imprints that vary in quality or lack thereof. There is a story that you carry that deviates from the moment of now, however most carry the story that’s less than the real you of who you really are. No one is perfect and yet deep inside we are all perfect. The question becomes how to get to that space?

The closer you get to that inner space the closer you are in not only seeing who you ‘really’ are, but you can see the world more clearly if you choose to. At this time in the latter first quarter of the 21st century in the US, perceptions of the political situation are in chaos. Primarily the roots lie in citizens who have the malady of perceptionitis due lack of fixing who they are not and/or not being informed sufficiently on all sides. Friends sometimes become enemies due to differences. I have observed and listened to many, many people at my free speech display to see all kinds of perceptions. 

Almost always, those who just listen to what they hear or see in major media outlets, that are set to support ‘mixing lying with truth’ seemingly necessary to keep their supporters (with agendas), happy for supporting them are unconsciously disingenuous in their opinions. Rarely do the strongly anti of the new administration see beyond their ‘skewed’ perceptions. It must be  said, that the majority on both sides just favor whomever is in their favorite political party regardless of having little information. The perceptions are mostly tainted by lack of deep investigation as much as is possible. The key word now is ‘fake news’ as it is becoming more apparent that people are told what they likely want to hear, at least for most. 

If we fail to hold ourselves to a higher standard, a standard of what we know to be right for ourselves, being focused on our higher self, than the tainted perceptions that come from unobserved, and unchanged conditioning, we set the clock back on our evolution. Those that want to spiritually polarize “dark”, negative, service to self, vampire truth in favor of an underworld, will have the required energy to do so. Those who want to spiritually polarize “light”, positive, service to the whole, organic, self-willed, or deity realm will have the required energy to do so. 

Perceptions more often than not arise from the ‘glasses’ you wear and their clarity to see or not the reality. Start with the gap between who you accept yourself as, and who the being filled with love that when letting go and being meditative, as being the real you. Common sense becomes very common without the inflammation of wrong or lower perceptions.

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