Walkout Love

Walkout Love
 March 7, 2017
Rain on a starlit night is a good sign of miracles. So it is a miracle if two people remain in harmonious communication,’ especially if they are a couple. People learn what to say, and what not to say for fear of retribution. Walking in the rain on a starless night is a moment to remember that not all are starry, moon lit nights. Romance is a chance happening not only with another but even with yourself. Everything has a reason of course. Being reasonable to yourself and another is good reason to know you’re moving in the most reasonable direction. 

You either ‘walkout’ or are walked out on in your personal life. Of course, there are other terms used such as dumped, divorced, separated, moved on, etc. In the ‘work world’ terminated, let go of, or ‘fired’ are common  terms for disconnecting. Life lived with empathy and compassion reflects ‘loving yourself’, or the lack thereof. Life is about ‘serial relationships’ of one kind or another. The more personal the connection, be it from a marriage or any significant relationship from family to one you shared love with, you measure your inner quality by how you deal with separation.

The ancient Tao means simply ‘the way’. The Tao is self-evident to those who live in choice-less awareness. When you perceive everything objectively, your path is clear and unobstructed. There is in life, for those following this, that the way becomes more unencumbered or flowing in the  consciousness of higher choices that become like ‘instinct’. In a sense, you become telepathic with love, or in other words, especially with those you shared love moments with. Authentic love is always a ‘gate-less gate’ where there are no obstructions to its sensitivities.

Most will love many in a myriad of ways and depths. It’s always ‘karmic and of higher intelligence’ to either make agreements in case paths change to make that path as gentle and free of future obstruction as possible. My experience is that I see relationships tossed to the sea with little or no responsibility for the others life. This really makes it like it was a ‘rental’ with a ‘walk away’ uncaring response that often is an unceremonious like burial to the moments spent in the past that began with love and ended with no love anywhere to be found. This is immature love. 

Always first be in love with your best friend. That best friend is you! The more you are love, the more it becomes you and your best friend. Love is both one way within, but yet gives and receives unconditionally, both to those who have no experience of love with you, but clearly with those you connected with love at anytime in the now or past. Love is not selfish and often evolves in a ‘circle of love’ where more than one makes the love circle. Never walkout on love without knowing there will be invisible consequences. Love is free, always cherish the love that has touched you! Be open to all who you have and do love!

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