Genetically Modified People

Genetically Modified People
Inline imageFebruary 23, 2017
Most humans are guinea pigs having no knowledge of what is being done to them! No longer is it easy to know what’s going on. Everything is changing faster and faster. What worked yesterday has been replaced by newer methods, and often those methods almost require a PhD education to figure out. In just a few decades, for example, music has gone from no ability to record to record and putting it on records, then came cassette tapes, followed by CD’s all the way to clicking on YouTube for any song wanted. Invent it, then sell it regardless if it really works without repercussions or thought out consequences. 

Somehow it’s been decided that it could be better and make more money by changing genetic life forms, whether plants or people to adapt to new invented ways to control them. In plants and ocean life, the new way is to modify their genetics creating a lesser naturally healthy product, but one cheaper to create and create more of. With plants, to respond to certain companies patented toxic sprays. Humans are more and more used as guinea pig experiments. Modified food, even modification of the air through spraying with geo engineering some of it referred to as ‘chem trails’. The average person is too concerned with this or that, and at best only knows that he heard something about what technology is used to control his makeup as a human being, and yet just  accepting it.

Stepping aside from people modification through chemicals and altering nature with no  certainty of out come, what’s really being ‘modified’ is human intelligence to ignorance and greed for easy money to play a part in these games of modifying people. Who asks themselves, ‘am I part of a machine being unconscious just to make a living that ultimately harms and even kills people? Supporting your living by pushing drugs, chemicals, or anything harmful to humanity is to be a ‘human cancer spreader’ when the choice to earn a living doing something clearly giving with love and discernment should always be the primary focus in time spent to earn a living.

Abusing healthy nature begins with personal ‘self abuse’ that refuses to seek and use the natural tools to fix what’s impaired or broken in one’s personal existence. Ignoring options and methods to correct prior abuse especially from childhood that is piled on year after year of additional abuse, usually is to spread that abuse to others whether it’s a chosen way to make a living and/or taking that abuse out on others, especially those close to you. 

Real, positive, natural modification begins within each human first, identifying that they need a more quality life, and seeing that the answers are within with no outer modifiers needed. All nutrients are within, just needing nurturing to sprout them into you as a ‘love being’! You are your own ‘guinea pig’ to evolve with your own consciousness. Nice thing about natural so called genetic modification within is that it’s ‘free’!

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