Initiating Judgment

Initiating Judgement
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February 6, 2017
Life is an opportunity for inner growth to the pinnacles of love and compassion.

Hidden in plain sight is the act of physically, mentally, rhetorically, emotionally, spiritually, psychically, etc., invading another’s entitled sovereign right to safe and respected space of life. As children, we have all made fun of, in one way or another, the persona of someone who seems ‘strange’. Slowly we learn tolerance, etiquette, empathy, compassion and the like that amounts to walking in another persons shoes before initiating and stopping anything offensive and perhaps harmful.

The stairway to seeing who you really spiritually are is behind the door of your resistance, to linger instead in the land of the material and slovenly path to bare existence. Those who don’t climb the steps of inner evolvement are committed to what’s called, the bottom feeders. ‘Bottom feeders’ are people who live in the material, reactive world that avoids the higher elements of life and love available but for attachment to lower priorities. They are abusive to life and the finer potentials. 

Stop and begin watching whether you are abusing another’s freedom of positive living. Examine your personal interactions as to whether they meet the highest choices available. That is the way of the ‘spiritual or conscious’   growing into your superconsciousness. There is something in everyone that needs to be honored or appreciated that defies initiating any form of attack. Everyone is a work in progress internally, especially whether you had a tough childhood or a pristine one, there are different and the same things to learn. 

Letting go of attachments is key to the inner knowing of yourself. The tougher the thing to let go of, the greeter the reward in your rise to a more conscious being. No need to departmentalize things or deny them as having happened. It’s the attachment that is the resistance to any form of deep love. 

Finding fault in others and making it a habit of dwelling on, is a boomerang to the ‘faults’ still eating away at you. Let go and learn from the releasing energy of your compassion and empathy. Look for the good in others. As the ‘holy books’ say, ‘Do unto others as you would have done unto you’. I would add to that, and not to harm anyone else in their common sense perception also. Misjudgment is very common. Judging from the outside is nearly always wrong. Judge from the inside with your compassion seeing the others inner being. As you lift yourself up, you lift others up! Life is a learning challenge with benefits as the learning progresses! Life goes better for people who are closer to the truth!


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