Sacred Abortion

SACRED Abortion
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 February 4, 2017
A soul does not need a body, but a body needs a soul. Every woman is no less than a divine goddess imbued and impregnated with the powers of compassion and empathy for all aspects of life. Through her, the divineness and harmony of life’s nature have made her the temple of nurturing life in tune with the higher decisions which she holds and has been trusted with the answers within her. 

In recent decades from the 1960’s, the subject of abortion or miscarriage of a potential child as a conscious decision has been uppermost in the ways of religion and politics. The ‘abortion fracas’ has depended on debating as to wether either pro or anti is right and remains in a stalemate. Also, the argument has been stuck in simplistic ‘duality terms’ by both sides to controlling the minds of the masses for those elite benefitting. The rhetoric is non stop and rarely mentions certain obvious viewpoints and facts:

 1 – All people are pro life
 2 – Everyone is anti abortion at some point
 3 – Everyone is for woman’s choice, except… 
 4 – Choice after the first trimester should be with a qualified doctor’s approval & for medical reasons
 5 – If any abortion is murder as many anti abortionists claim, the one who chose to murder, and the doctor should be   
      incarcerated perhaps for life. In addition:
 6 – The male who encouraged the abortion should serve time 
 7 – If the coital experience was not by mutual consent, then the male should be incarcerated
 8 – Miscarriages outnumber abortions according to one source 5 to 1
 9  -Some miscarriages could have been prevented, thus clearly a way of aborting consciously or by being careless
10 – According to Christians, kids who die automatically go to Heaven, hence those by abortion. Why the fuss then?

Calling a one day old sperm meeting a female egg that gets canceled by a form of abortion that’s called ‘murder’ is idiotic and likely an indication of living in a ‘’duality’’ fantasy world! The world has been engineered by males for power and money into two camps, be they us and them, right wing and left wing, or right and wrong, etc. This divisiveness is an example of duality to the dishonorable elite in control of money and the ‘sheeple’, which at this time is 95% of the people.

Many rigid thinking humans have anthropomorphized god as well as the gestational age of an embryo at a few weeks prior to its ‘fetal’ stage. It’s time to think in non duality terms which is common sense void of any agenda by political or religion dictums. We are all souls everlasting who have chosen to be in a human body to learn certain lessons to enhance and enlighten the soul. The souls is free to choose where to be. You as a body and mind are beholden to the soul. 

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