Secret Veil

Secret Veil
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 January 26, 2017
You have many secrets from others, but you also have many secrets that are yet to be uncovered about you. What is not known may be a secret, intentional or unintentional. We are called the ‘human race’ because it is a ‘race’ to really being human or a human being. The closer you get to knowing who you really are, the more you are unattached to the disguises you hide secrecies from yourself and others.

Behind every secret that you don’t know is ‘curiosity’. It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. The world has been programmed to feed you just enough to keep you occupied and satisfied that you need not know anymore. Politics and religions keep a lid on what’s ok, and what’s to not be discussed no matter how much they deny it. Creativity, imagination, and the freedom to express them is paramount to living a life of fullness.

Everyone is everyone! The rich man is likely deluded about who he really is. He wears many masks that hide who he is, and likely has no idea who he is without the masks of his entitlements that in a sense poisons his mind from being who he is with nothing. Take away anyones attachment be they drugs in many forms from religion, achievements, possessions, beauty or any proclivities attached to, and it’s like a shark having to swim in  a clean water river. 

A life without purpose has little meaning – it is mere existence. To have a truly meaningful life, one must have a specific purpose; a worthy goal or ideal that one is constantly striving to serve or advance. The primary concern of the mass of individuals in our  society is to be happy which entails going along with the brainless herd of sheeple. But that is not a purpose. It is merely an excuse for selfishness. It has no enduring value for the future of life on this planet or our own personal spiritual evolution. Today’s artificial, materialistic, multicultural, ‘politically correct’ society can, in fact, offer no higher purpose. It can only serve up decadence, degeneracy, disintegration, and alienation.

AS adulthood comes, life is each of our own creations. Difficulties must be looked at as opportunities. My first real difficulty was at 19 against the military. I pursued my feelings, and won, only to be followed by my 2nd significant difficulty that I dealt with. Took me from Eugene, Oregon to NYC…all life thereafter opened up a new path. I was lucky to have no childhood traumas. Somewhat because of it, I can see anyone overcoming them. Easy as ABC! A is intent. B is being that intent in your mind C is seeing that you do it. D is DONE and moving on. That sky out there is for all of us equally. One sky, one soul, one breath, one mind! The answers don’t come just by looking at our feet, for everyone has the opportunity to move to the other ‘ones’ afore mentioned – it just requires ‘harmoniously positioning to them. Throw off and let go of all negative veils. Celebrate life!

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