Emotional Quagmire

Emotional Quagmire
January 28, 2017
Most adults have not drained the swamp of their troublesome youth. Bringing unresolved issues of childhood disturbances along for the ride through life is like an unkept house that doesn’t yet feel like a home. Swallowing negative emotions from the past and letting them remain is to create a swamp wherever you go. In fact, the statement, ‘wherever you go there you are’ is very applicable. Always, it’s time to freshen up and clean out the closets of yesteryear. Don’t let your past dictate who you are. Let it be the lesson that strengthens the person you will become.

Unresolved issues attract and pile on more issues that either don’t get resolved and/or just spread the swamp even more spreading its tentacles and overtaking your life. Only a small percentage of people reach adulthood free of past negatives that attach themselves to make who you think you are when you are not your negative attachments. Using past disturbances of whatever magnitude to understand them, eventually detach the negative influence you have over your life decisions is to show inner strength and growth. Imagine a company that showed no growth year after year in  improving their products or service. they will eventually fall from people’s interest and face having to close or sell themselves off. 

Lack of interest in inner self growth is selfishness to yourself and all you encounter, as well as having the quality of your connections deteriorate. People who get close to a person in an ‘emotional quagmire’ will find themselves struggling at times in the others ‘swamp’.  

Real success in life is simply to move to an enlightening state of inner self love. Outer success can be had by anyone struggling with their demons. Inner success doesn’t tolerate demons. Real love avoids that which is counter to it. The swamp often has quick sand in it where your accumulated negative emotional frenemies take you deeper into the swamp where there is no hope in the mind of the negative. However, one who sees a small light of inspiration can climb out of the false self of self immolation.

What life gave you the first days of your birth into this world is what should always be as everyday is a new beginning where only memories of love and positivity are best remembered. You are the only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life. Why make a nest of what you need to fly from to be free and joyous? Too much security is like a death. Be consciously insecure! Fly from the protection of a false security and know that life by its very nature is insecure. Let go of fears! 

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