Escape from Abortion

Escape from Abortion
January 16, 2017
Abortion is not a sin! Abortion is a sin! Maybe it’s neither! Why abort all ‘you’, life, and love when you’ve arrived at the world’s most amazing times, and against all odds? Excuse me, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense?! Then again, it’s obvious that common sense is not so obvious these days. Life is a step by step and rung by rung to climb into the incredible being that hides inside you just waiting for you to let go of all the barriers and excuses to be more than the shadow cast by the light. 

Why not assume that every ‘soul’ is perfect, but to be opened it needs a birth that is in your hands meaning your mind and heart to abort or leg go of all the attachments of the dark, be they traumas or unpleasantries of the past. Those memories attached to you cling to and squelch your best decisions in life, particularly when it comes to intimacy. Intimacy from the heart keeps the heart vulnerable and open even sending well meaning signals to the mind upstairs.
The word ‘abortion’, like many words in America, has become an ‘undesirable’ words plagued with guilts, fears, and unnecessary negativities fueled by the political/religion systems under the puppeteering of the ‘new world order’ proponents that control through ‘fear, manipulation, and domination with ‘money and blackmail threats’. The rise of the ‘female’ over the recent past, since the 1960-70’s, has put fear into the males who control the world so that many covert manipulations are constantly being introduced to strangle the attempt of the masses from knowing what’s going on, and restricting everyone from becoming free. All thinking is made into black and white options, or called ‘duality thinking’. Healthy thinking and being is ‘non duality’ thinking, or in other words a way of having many dimensions and possibilities other than ‘this or  that’ choices being shrouded for the benefit of the ‘system of control’. 

The minds have been falsely manipulated with the word ‘abortion’. The so called right wing calls itself ‘pro life’ and the also duality ‘left wingers’ call abortion ‘pro choice’ of the woman. What’s ignored except by the more evolved thinkers is that EVERYONE is pro life AND everyone is ‘pro choice’! This duality keeps the political/religion system working for manipulation, domination, and control while the masses are still waking up to the strangulation of their minds. Truth is, near everyone is ‘anti abortion’ (with few exceptions) after the woman’s few weeks of pregnancy. The two sides fight endlessly with out using common sense and intelligence void of political and religion programming.

There is no point in carrying unwanted anything, especially what you had little or no control over, particularly when you were a child. To ‘abort is to let go, and with common sense’ of what you need for a clear, healthy, life of love and joy.
The mind must be freed. Love, awareness, discernment, common sense, and their attributes, need to guide you rather than duality thinking controlled by those with an agenda to use you for their purposes, and at your expense of freedom for inner growth. Change is inevitable. Progress is optional.

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