Excitement !!!

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 January 11, 2017
Ah, Yesss! One thing for sure, every moment is ready for a feeling. Sometimes joy, sometimes sadness, even anger but always underneath is the feel of silence. Letting go of all negative attachments, while not meaning that they disappear from memory but you no longer have to pay the ‘endless bill’. Yesterdays are meant to remind you of the wisdom they accumulate and provide for walking into each moment. Treating the mind with positivity, as best can be mustered, under all circumstances will create a mysterious energy as a friend throughout life.

That ‘mysterious energy’ that lingers within as a base can be anything from stormy, cloudy weather to clear skies of sun to stars. Either, and even that in between, is an opportunity for everyone equally. Regardless, of what came before from early childhood to now, the silent, cool vibration of feeling excited is always flowing mysteriously within.

A paradigm change is not just a transformational correction. It’s a transfigurational resetting of our inner pendulum’s  center point such that it no longer swings from a fulcrum of negative centered norms. The emerging paradigm is swinging all positive emotions and thoughts toward more compassionate and just norms. It’s establishing a new set point to accommodate the  positive drivers that have been devalued by millennia of a negative dominant consciousness. 

Ask most people if they are happy, and the automatic reply is some form of ‘yes’, and yet ask all but a tiny percentage if the are excited generally, and the response will be to the negative. Spiritually conscious people have ‘cracked’ the ceiling of apathy and being ‘controlled by emotions’ of the moment with many being negative. Robots are taking over in all aspects of society which is a great opportunity for people to have time to seek their inner joys instead of becoming like one of the robots.

The joy of discovery in a small child’s eyes need never stop for you at any age. The heart needs to always be open to feel and see from the highest perspective available. Few are blessed to keep that childlike innocence fresh. All have access to the spirit within that wants to transform what keeps it hidden into the highest expressions of love and awareness. Give the mind a rest to experience letting go of the chattering mind machine. Let everything be a new opportunity to flow up above life’s frays and dramas. There needs to be a time for all emotions with an open heart and know that life is about growing outward and inward. Inwardness possesses the secrets to life’s fulfillments. No need to seek excitement, but let it naturally be like the cool spring breeze within.

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