Dwelling Talk

Dwelling Talk  

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 November 23, 2016
 A ‘dwelling’ may be thought of as a house, but also to be a monotonous talker who dominates the conversation with little regard for the listener has similarities. Some talkers are like an empty house by ‘dwelling’,  and not being a home for others to share comfortably in communications. Some of those who ‘dwell’ on and on, talk about what they have knowledge of. Other types of people who dwell on and on talk incessantly on things of little or no interest to the listener who often feels captive out of politeness and fear of hurting the ‘talker’s’ feelings.

Communication is a two way street of the speaker and receiver. When conversation typically is without invitation by the listener, it becomes selfish and one-sided. Satisfying the self at the expense of the other should be acknowledged and checked to see if the other is a willing receiver. Best done by intuition rather than asking if you’re boring the other. Whether in person, or in phone talk, it’s a ‘giving’ of courteous empathy. I’ve occasionally had people who monopolized the phone as if they just wanted someone to listen regardless if the wanted to.

Talk dwellers in my experience usually avoid talk of the more intimate, conscious, spiritual matters (an exception being  proselytizers of their religion). There is almost always a sense of disconnect from inner self love. The most common talk dweller is the one who talks to themselves in the head about the negatives in their life such as the endless recriminations that perpetuates an ongoing bleak look about life which goes on from year to year only  ending when things are all over. Life is about recognizing the infinite choices of paths to take, the main one being to follow a life of deep love, the search for truth, honing the ability to always make the highest choices rather than digging a hole of negativity as a ‘dwelling’ to dwell in. In other words a life that is as positive as possible. 

A method to quell both inner dwellings, and ones that come across as ‘dwelling’ to others is to take a short time once a day for a few weeks to clear or reset the mind. One of my recommendations is a ‘unique’ very scientific exercise that is known as ‘doing gibberish’ or making audible ‘nonsensical’ sounds with eyes closed while relaxed. This is a technique to clear or clean the active mind. Do it for 15 to 20 minutes, then rest with eyes closed in silence, and just be the watcher of whatever thoughts arise for several minutes. This meditating technique, like all meditations should be enjoyable. One day you will live in a state of meditation in all circumstances. You are the master of your consciousness of inner peace and bliss!

It’s never too late to take a look at the habits you dwell in as to their acceptability to not only others but to the best choices available for your outer actions, as well as being as conscious as possible to a godly like inner being. The technique is free and healthy to jump start the mind and heart anew! Let go of all ‘dwelling’.

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