Crosshairs of Love

Crosshairs of Love
by Arhata

August 31, 2016
The Olympic games this Summer in Rio de Janeiro is where the best of the best meet to show their refined skill. Life is an ’Olympics’ at this time for everyone. It took civilization millions of years to arrive at this point where the world is a stage for all humans to show their best they are capable of. That ‘best’ is to show the finest inner qualities of mind, emotion and soul. There is no competition except how far each can go from the negative qualities that have burdened humans since time immemorial. Humans are unique among life as having the only faculties to reach a state of godliness on the planet, and yet ignorance, apathy, and all the 7 deadly sins still permeate the lives of near every human living!

An 80 year old former beauty queen, who with her husband relocated from Los Angeles to here recently, stopped by my free speech display today to engage in conversation. Showing me her ‘Dick Tracy’ watch that did many things a normal computer can do, and more, like measuring her blood pressure, and it led to talk about people being asleep. We both dialoged on how humanity continues to be dumbed down compared to the incredible pace of technological  growth. We agreed there seems to be a universal agreement on that, but it also seems nothing is changing. Change begins with you, and the question of ‘how to love yourself’, as well as another, so that all your world’s decisions are made from common sense filled with love. 

When love breaks the so called ‘sound barrier’ (love barrier), the sound and feeling of love is a permanent, energy friend within, and in every breath through all situations, painful to joyous. ‘Lazy love’ is what most experience, at best. A willingness to let initial feelings of love slip into each’s unresolved, problematic issues is standard behavior.  Blind acquiescence to just dealing with life day by day with no focus on developing positivity and ‘heart depth opening’ is to miss the desert of life, and accept the ‘fast food’ common way which is not good for you path or health. Moving away from love, or creeping away from it, happens without you knowing it as other concerns replace it – dangerous!

Part of the secret to ‘hit the crosshairs of love’ is as simple as ABCD, although ‘simple’ is a little exaggerated, here’s an ABCD formula:
•A is for ‘intent’ – have the overwhelming desire and passion to feel the intent, to reach the depths of love within, then:
•B is for Being that intent with daily focus of your awareness and heart opening
•C is to See the results internally and externally of your intense focus
•D is to Do it in everything with the heart being involved with ‘awareness’ and discernment – actually it will be pretty             automatic! 

Spread the formula and the whole world will rise to a state of superconsciousness, but most importantly YOU!

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