Pets ain’t People

Pets ain’t People
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 August 9, 2016
Looking for love in all the wrong places is as common today as looking for organic food at a Monsanto employees cafeteria. Between electronic devices and pets, we’ve got a world in love with everything but their inner selves, and especially a ‘significant other’ who often is not as significant as their dog (s) or cat (s). Loving fast food, electronic devices, pets and an infinite variety of ’heart throbs that don’t love back’, unless you feed them is what today’s love has become. 

Dogs, dogs, dogs, and then people loving cats, cats, and more cats. All the food bills, smells, and for dogs the walking and pooper scoopers, but pets can be special, however where is the line crossed when some people love them more than any human especially their spouse, oh and themselves!?

The most important thing in the world is NOT your pets! It’s YOU! That may be a shock to some, and likely ignored as having little impact on the brain to change, but even adoring ‘pets’ for a lot more attention then for people is cause for self examination.  Pets, not to ignore other things, are a way to occupy time that might be better spent at finding out who you are as well as seeing who you are not and letting go of all the negatives you have been lugging around. Pets, too indulged in, become like that which is called a Stockholm Syndrome, or identifying with the outside that has captured your individuality. In this case, neglecting your pursuit of the love within, replacing it with ‘love  for’, is forgetting life’s gift the godliness within. 

Try living with plants, especially inside your abode. In addition to being less expensive, they are less time consuming, never troublesome, and in todays world of ‘toxins’, certain plants are known to clean the air of toxins! One animal in the house can be a nuisance even though at times wonderful, but plants are always wonderful too, and silently growing with so little care! Take a vacation for a few days, and pets are a ‘dilemma’ in what to do with them. Plants will survive without attention for a few days.

I had a neighbor friend with 5 cats that she loved, making plants not very feasible in her place to clear toxins. When she went away for a week twice a year, ‘caring expenses’ for the cats were less than the occasional ‘vet’ bills, but still ridiculous. I have another friend who has been in town for over a year sleeping in her car with her dog and limited income. No one will rent to her with a dog. It’s special to be attached to your pet, but not at the expense of your inner and outer self when someone else might be in a better state to appreciate them.

Where you put your energy says a lot about who you are, especially when little energy is given to the beauties hidden within you  that stay locked in the closet of time. Displacing love for fear or neglect of intimacy within or with someone is a misappropriation and misidentification of your love. Plants need little love, give out a lot, and allow you more time to better seek your inner love. 
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